Sunday, November 3, 2013


 This picture was taken last year right after loosing the boys and we were waiting to see what God had for our family. The sign said Napier's and still growing. We grew alright times three. Today we will take our Family pictures and there will be 3 special little boys in it. What a special day to take our family pics which symbolizes so much more.

            Today is a big day to this family and I know to a bunch of others. Today is Orphan Sunday,
We give great notice to the children out there without forever homes to the Orphans who are and who will be. Then we celebrate that there are 3 less orphans, because they are going to be Napier's. I want to shout with Joy that our boys are no longer orphans and in just a short couple months will be apart of our Family. This blog post is so important to me because I truly want to bring awareness to the orphans out there. We aren't that special amazing family who wants to be noticed because we are adopting we want to bring notice that anyone can adopt or foster or come along side the orphans in distress. There are 147 million orphans without homes that is way too many. God specifically calls us to look after orphans and widows. He knew the need that would be out there. As believers we are called to do something not to just sit back and watch things happen. I truly want to encourage you to really pray for these orphans and how you could be of help.  

 If you aren't called to adopt then Foster, if you aren't called to Foster then Sponsor, if you can't Sponsor then volunteer, if you can't volunteer, Donate, if you cant Donate Educate.

There are so many ways to get involved I'm sure you know people who have adopted or are in the process or are just fostering. Today give them a call let them know you are praying for them. Ask how you could be of help see what the needs of the children are or even the parents. When we started this whole process are life was so easy and comfortable. I think back and wonder how did we even grow if we didn't have hardships. A lot of people say to me you are amazing, really I am not. I am a broken Mother who has been healed by God I struggle daily. We doubled the size of children in our home and having 3 before well yes that makes 6. But why wouldn't we our Faith is in God and if he is telling us to look after the orphans how can we say no because we want to stay comfortable? Sure we had all the extra's and distractions and it was AWESOME but it wasn't worth it. Having 3 little boys look me in the eye and call me Mommy and say sissy and Daddy to family that loves them is worth it. Yes you are thinking well I have all those extra's does that make me a bad person? NO it doesn't make you a bad person! . Heck  if you have all those things share with your friends who have decided to give them up for  orphans. We have a couple of friends who have blessed us with great time with our children who wouldn't of got to experience other wise. Not having those things was just a decision we made to be able to adopt. If just one family decides from reading this that they can take in 1 orphan well that is OneLESS  orphan. No we can't all save everyone from everything but if you just did one of something to help with someone it is OneLESS. I don't know everyone's situation or what is going on all I do know is we are all capable of loving and there are plenty of children who want it and need it. Could you imagine what it would be like if you were that stepping stone for a child to have a chance? A warm bed to sleep in a home with 3 meals a day and a normal day. A lot of foster and adoptive children have a hard time adapting in a home with less chaos because that is not what they are used to. I always think of my boys and our previous foster children and how they reacted to calm and consistency it was hard and our boys are just now getting used to it. There are so many agencies out there that you can call and see how you can get involved. Maybe a family in the process needs some items for there new placement, or how you can get involved with helping? I hope you can be encouraged today that you ARE able to LOVE and can help these orphans out there. Today I can say we have 3LESS
but still are no better than anyone we just opened our hearts to LOVE the orphan and so can you by many different ways. There are also two organizations that I love that sponsor some needy children. and . These two organizations help out needy children in other countries. With your sponsorship it provides food, water and other necessities. I encourage you to look them up and see if this is something you are able to do. We have been a part of Compassion now for 12 years and have had the same boy Christian this whole time, you get to send letters and they write back and also get pictures of them too. It has been such a blessing to be apart of the compassion ministry. If anything, after this blog I just ask that would just please pray for the orphans and the ones who will become orphans too. You can email me or message me if you want anymore information. All that we do is to Glorify God none of what we do is about us because we can't do this without him.

Monday, October 7, 2013

New Adventure...

You know those life changes that happen the kind that you never might of considered.
Our life change began almost 3 years ago we left our home church been there 7 years as youth leaders.With no reason at all for leaving just felt like it was time for our family not knowing where we would go or attend. Then we found our new church home it felt like this is where we were supposed to be our church home surrounded with loving people accepting us. T.y and I got plugged in right away with the church the people our pastor and his wife. Growing relationships with some amazing people that will be life long. All of you have kept up with us on our crazy life Journey. A calling to Love the orphans and to fully live out for God. We have lost friends, relationships along the way life change isn't always easy for people to accept. Tyler and I have both lived in the same town our  our whole lives with never leaving or planning of moving in sight. A small town where you know everyone and they know you well at least they think they do.
ALL Grand parents in 10 minutes driving range. A support system from our family and some friends  to help out with our kids. 3 years ago we went to visit some good friends of ours and didn't understand why they moved and we spent a couple days with them and on the way home Ty and I both felt like is our hometown where we are going to raise our family forever? And you know what the answer was no and we wanted to see what  God had for us.

                                      So the news is The NAPIER'S are MOVING!!!!

Tyler was offered a great job , that's right a whole different world from our small town that we are not used to. We have been blessed with  Tyler's job he has worked hard for his way up and has been there 12 years. Leaving a job is never easy especially if you like where you work and he truly does. Then you ask yourselves why would you want to move with a great job and all your family is here? Well why not? We decided we can't let comfort stop us from fulfilling a dream because it will. We have wrestled all of that all the reasons not to do it but it is a dream of ours to be able to move and Tyler will start at a great new job also.  The craziest part is it isn't even more money its actually less but here is the biggest ticker, he will just be a 8-4:30 m-f guy. These past 12 years he has worked every other weekend and been on call. There have been sometimes where he gets called out at all the wrong times but it is just what came with the job. I know there are jobs where that's just how it is but he has put himself out there for the opportunity and he wont be doing that. We don't even know what that is like to have him home on the weekends knowing he wont have to go into work.

 Our lives are beginning to change once again and we are excited scared all of it.I mean we know everyone in this little town well just about. We are embarking on a journey of not knowing anyone yes a small handful of people but that's it.No one will know our story who we are just that we will be new and you know what I really like that.  My girls will be the new kids at school making friends. CHANGE is good, our family will have to rely on each other more than we ever have.Leaving what you only know is not easy. Having to tell close friends and family was hard but having their support is even better.

Now is the time where I am pleading to you for prayer. Our boys adoption is not final and we don't have any clue right now when it will be. There is an appeal in the case that we are waiting on and it is holding the whole process back and this isn't a good thing at all. We could take the boys with us unadopted but will have to start the whole process over there and that is a long process to do over. So after praying and really talking about it. We decided that Tyler will go and the kids and I are staying back for right now.I know it is going to be hard he is going to live with our friends who are totally blessing us by letting him stay there. . We are praying so hard that the appeal is heard before he leaves.  Then we will  know when we can start the adoption process. Ty will come home home every 2 weeks it is a 7 hour drive.We know this is only temporary and are going to make the best of it. Please pray with us on this appeal to be denied and the process getting started we could be waiting for who knows how long they can't give us any answers where the appeal is at in the case. Also please pray  for this Mama and her six kiddos that I can do my best and I am grateful to all my help.       
               I wanted to end with this I think sometimes we stop Dreaming because we feel like it could never be possible but don't stop dreaming God gives you the desires of your heart maybe not exactly how you want but he does. God has always been faithful through our whole journey even in the deepest pits.
                                                    We are going out on faith and trusting in him.

                                                 I encourage you to read Psalms 37: 3-4
                            I could put it down but look it up spend some time in it.
 I hope it  can be encouraging to you today

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hume Lake Marriage retreat fro the weekend...

The beginning of this year we had talked with some friends about going to the upcoming Marriage Retreat at Hume Lake. Well a little after that Ty received an email from his long time friend from there asking if we would like to come as Host couples. Ty and I were thrilled and said yes we would love too.

After rearranging all of our kiddos and you know this is a lot, we were able to have a weekend together in Hume. P.s we couldn't of done it with all the help from our friends and family.

So off we went excited about the weekend and having time together in the car, a rental car mind you. If you know us we have a tiny dinker kia that would probably blow up heading up the huge mountain drive. I probably could get a big Amen from all the couples with kiddos who think alone time in the car is AMAZING... Just the time to be able to talk and be engaged in on another and road snacks is a huge plus that you don't have to share. 

As we got into Hume we were greeted with aroma of strong smelling Pine trees you can't buy that from scentsy its just truly one of Gods gifts. We were part of a Host team that mean's for us to greet couples as they arrive, golf cart them around. Ty was in when they said we get a golf cart for the weekend,although they gave him an electric one he has a past at

We helped with setting up tearing down and however they needed us. It was not work at all just pure Joy to be there. Ty and I ate lunch at there famous snack shop in front of lake and was greeted by an Bald eagle flying around the lake it was breath taking. Never in my life have i seen an eagle only at the zoo.
Hume goes above and beyond they are such a blessing to  Marriages and helping couples to see that God can redeem a marriage. As you check in there were roses for the men to give to there wives and chocolate covered strawberries while you register, HELLO speaking to the ladies with that stuff.

The food was amazing that's all I felt we did was eat. Our friend Chucks wife Sara and her friends did amazing at decorating and putting so much thought into it. They had a smore bar, fresh chocolate chip cookies with ice cold milk at night under white lights with the lake behind you.  I could go on about the white candle lit dinner but you get it.

Saturday night we were greeted with an amazing hail storm while we ate dinner in the hall with huge glass windows looking at the lake. It was absolutely amazing just like a reminder that these mountains and lakes we created by HIM and he was there for sure.

There were couples of all ages young and old there was a couple that just had been married 3 months and another 49 years. Ty and I soaked up everything we could from the speakers, worshiping together during chapel. Ty and I were able to spend quality time together and with some truly great friends of ours. 

This weekend truly helped us see how far we come in our marriage.
 If you don't know Ty and I got married at 19
3 weeks after I graduated  high school.  We were young and not in love with each other like we do now we were in love with the idea of getting married but had no clue what we were walking into. I was a complete mess having to deal with emotional issues from my childhood. A past that Tyler had no clue about. Ty was not  a confident husband and didn't know how to deal with me. If God wasn't BOTH of our focus we would not be here. We have truly grown up with each other falling in love with one another while married I know backwards but that's the truth.

It was emotional for me at times sharing our story with other couples because during this time God helped me see what we have been through and  have overcome and that was so rewarding.

 I always thought Ty was someone who saved me from my crazy life but I now know God placed him in my life as a partner to become closer to God.  

Ty and I are very passionate about marriage and believing in it. We have mentored some young couples along the way because we have been there done that we don't have all the answers all we can do is talk of life experiences and boy do I wish we had that when we were getting married.  

All this to say we aren't perfect but we both want this marriage to be the best it can be and blessed by God. 
 If you are able to ever go to Hume Lakes marriage retreat you will be blessed by it. 
Plus  there is no cell service or internet even better right? 





Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not letting the Past scar me for the Furture...

2 years ago we started the adoption process changing our lives forever. Saying yes to a calling to love the ORPHANS.

Oh how these 2 years have left some pretty harsh unknowns to what we thought would have turned out different. I mean if you think about it we all like to plan out our lives and how we think they should go. We say we want what God has for our lives and surrender but when things don't go as planned, Then what? Loosing our first placement in adoption rocked our worlds we were so new to the system and no clue. We thought what did we just get our self's into? WE say yes to taking in a child to have them taken. Then we recover, only to find out we are getting two more little boys. Scared not knowing what could happen these boys became apart of our family.

Again us planning what we thought was best, never knowing what God always did the worst day happened.One year ago August 4th we walked two boys into a car to a social worker who would forever take them away. That day is always fresh in mind and so is of my girls who to this day don't forget one single detail. We miss those boys so much it hurts yes this family still aches for them. Sometimes my girls have some pretty bad crying episodes and we all cry. Grieving is hard.

Yet we move on because we TRUST HIS PLANS  . 6 months ago our lives once again changed when 3 little people came adding 6 to the mix. Everyone is still adjusting our girls love the boys.
I my self still struggling with this major change into what I thought Mothering would be. Sometimes I can't believe that I myself have 6 kids and God is entrusting them to me, I let him down on a daily basis.  It is hard work rehabbing 3 boys into a so called normal environment I cry usually once a week to my self and beg God to help me. HE works on me daily and I'm defiantly a piece of work. I think back when it all started  it was easy with 4 it was easy with 5 and now it is going to get there one day but with adoption there is a 6 month- hard hump you have t get over and we are in it. Just recently our  family has heard more news about our future and our lives and loosing Hope real fast is so easy. When you haven't experienced it yet and are still holding on you get weak. Yet God will give you little glimmers of hope along the way even if you don't think they are. Yes this life we chose to live is hard but living a life full frontal of truth for God is hard. If it were easy everyone would do it everyone would like you which is definitely not the case for this family. But we do it for HIM. Recently I was shown that HE has to be enough even when things don't go our way. Trust me I have been struggling with this only to get bad news after bad news.

Then God leaves me those glimmers of HOPE because HE is enough.... This verse has been showing up to me at all different times and I wanted to share it with you.

                           For Nothing will Be Impossible with GOD
                                                 LUKE 1:37

I wish one year ago I could of known how it would have all turned out but that wasn't for me to know. I am finding out all the thing about myself that I need to fix and it isn't pretty but what I am learning is surrendering my life means ALL of it not just some of it...

                                         MY Mama heart has been filled with 9 loving souls.
                              Sometimes doors have to close for others to open even if that
                                 means a couple get slammed on you along the way...


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer as a Family of 8

  Hello everyone I have surely missed blogging and keeping in touch with you all.
  Hope your Summer was eventful, relaxing all at the same time.
 Here is a little recap of what our Summer was like...

Faith got Braces.
                                                            Went camping to Carpenteria
                                                             Won my first 5K
                                                            The boys lost their fear of swimming
                                                                Girls had their dance recidal

                                                          Our Sweet Lola turned 4
                                                                  We celebrated our 12 year
                                                                Spent a week at the Beach House
                                                           We grew out of our Home and Moved
                                                         Went to our First Dodger Game
                                                          Wen Camping to Leo Carillo
We definitely had a eventful summer and with 6 kiddos kind of backwards I know. But with having the six we didn't let that stop us. Sure it was chaotic and a lot of work, it was all worth it because we created MEMORIES as a FAMILY. I think Moving topped the whole cake I mean who does that? We do that's who! Us Napier's sure do live a full blown circus. I must say that moving into our new home in 3 days that should be world record right? Or our OCD really got the best of This year our anniversary trip was the most special trip we have ever been on. The time we surely did not take for granted at all. I woke up one morning on our trip so excited because I knew we had 3 full days to ourselves. We are so thankful to everyone that helped us with that. Watching six kiddos is work so splitting them up between family was perfect 3 and 3.
                      This summer we dealt with set backs to our adoption and it was a very hard time but we TRUST GOD in all of it.Again our girls truly showed us during that hard time what really is important. Our family likes the summer but cant handle no structure. Our kiddos thrive off structure so does this MAMA.. Changes are happening for this family and we are adapting and trusting the whole way. I am happy to be back blogging and  having the summer with the family. I have so many stories and thoughts to share. Glad to be back.
                                                                                  Much Love...

Monday, June 24, 2013


 I have wanted to share about my tattoo that I got a couple months back. I know I don't have to  explain or share why I got it but to me it means a lot to me.

People having tattoos makes me curious of why they got them and what they mean to them. You may see someone who looks like they would never have one and then find out they do and it's hiding. Trust me when you look at me you might think she is conservative and would never get a tattoo! I truly felt strong about this marking on my arm because that's what it is a a MARK  that means something in my life. Living recklessly, not about not following rules and doing what I want but living that way for GOD.  To take out all my comforts and my fears and not worry about consequences that might get in the way. So I decided my arm where more people would see it and my self but something someone would hopefully ask me aout and I can share it with them.
Seriously taking a look at me I am far from the cool factor I mean I have six kids and am on way to a passenger van. But this tattoo took me out of my comfort zone something I never thought I would do. I always thought about it  I wouldn't do it. I would think of me at my daughters' weddings in my Mom of the Bride dress with tattoos on my arms and it didn't seem pleasant, but it all changed. 
This MARK will forever be apart of me faded even wrinkly but it means my whole being in life that this life is for God and I will put my best to live that way. The verse Ephesians 2:10, yes it doesn't say anything about being Reckless but the verse fit so well in this mission that we are living and got me through a lot it seemed best fitting.

                   For we are God's handwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God      prepared in advance in advance for us to do.

If you truly belive in him and TRUST him what you go out to do for him will turn out well even if you think it isn't. I am living proof of that.  Now this post isn't on here to say you have to go get a tattoo to make reminders in your life. This one is just one of my MARKS that will be a daily reminder. And  it looks tough right???

Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Date Your Spouse?

 What does dating your spouse look like? Sounds crazy because you are already married, it shouldn't be crazy at all. Hopefully dating your spouse is something you already do or plan to do when you are married.
 Now Ty and I's life has changed over these past few months adding more to our family meaning we are taken over by children.
Our everyday life is soaked up by 6 little people who need us for different reasons.
Having children when you are married will change a whole bunch of things to your marriage.
Now do you remember you and your spouse before you guys were married?
Oh all the work that you went through to impress the other one with the way you looked, the things you would say! The many dates you two went on together and enjoyed each other because during that time things may have been a little simpler. Now I know some people before they get married might already have children who are brought into the relationship in the beginning, that is fine you two still dated.

We go on the dates because we want to be with that other person and do something together what ever it may be on your date.

As marriage and having kids go on, the changes happen. Now what started just as you two has blossomed to a family 1, 2 or 3 or more kiddos. Then the focus changes on what used to be to your spouse now to other things.

Now I don't come from parents who have been married 20 plus years, my parents are divorced and both have remarried one more than once. So my up bringing isn't what has showed me how important marriage is. God has taken the reigns on that one and my husband. I am as guilty as any Mom when putting my kiddos before my husband. I have learned a lot in these couple years having multiple kids. We have learned real fast that our focus changes in  a second if we are both not on the same page. Meaning our kids will come first before our marriage if we lose focus.

So that is what brought me to the question Why date your spouse?
Because it started with you two first!!!!!
You and your spouse are who  carry this legacy through your family. 
Our kids feed off of our moods and if it is off with your spouse it is off through everyone.

I see way too many marriages put there kids before themselves because of feeling guilty.
Feeling guilty only tells your kids that you love them first before your spouse.
Too truthful maybe, but it is true. I am guilty of this at a time or two.

I have learned that by putting my kids before my husband makes a wedge for both of us and that is wrong
So here are some things we have come up with to not loose focus on US.
Dates will happen every other weekend and we are so thankful for our new babysitter.
Praying more together
Devotions together.
Making it a priority putting our dates in the budget because you know we have 6 kids and we have to pay our sitter
If you don't make something a priority it wont happen. Your spouse should be a priority. 
Say "YES" more often ladies... you know to what :)
I can tell you from experience that when things are in line with us the house is in line too.
I know as Moms sometimes we get caught up in Mom too much before we get caught up in being wife. Ladies if your husband isn't planning the date then you plan it. 
Trust me he won't be sad when you have a babysitter lined up and are all dressed up for him.

  When your kids leave the nest your spouse is still there.
Build that relationship because when its just you two you don't want to be strangers.



Monday, April 29, 2013

My First 5k

Trying something you have always been afraid of makes a big difference.
 I was that girl that always said " I can't run its to hard".
 Until the beginning of this year when I decided I was in bad shape and the loss of the boys caused me to gain unnecessary weight from stress eating. I didn't want to keep feeling tired and eating horrible. I took being small for granted and treated my body like crud. Everyone my whole life has told me how little I am or was but on the inside and the outside felt different. So I tried a program called Insanity it kicked my butt. I did the program for the 30 days and got into some great shape but I couldn't watch a video everyday. So I thought I would try running my first run was a half of mile and it felt like 100. The next day I went a little farther and everyday after that.

Realizing I was truly enjoying running weird I know but I do. Until the day I reached 2 miles I literally jumped up and down and Ty was so excited for me. Ty has been my biggest fan he works so close to home so I have been able to go when he comes home for lunch. Him being that close has been a huge help to me being able to run. Also friends and family have taken time to watch the kiddos so I could go run and still do. I have always seen people running marathons 5k and never thought it would be for me. That all changed when my sister in Law and I both signed up for our first 5k. We ran the super hero run supporting Casa who court appointed workers for young kids in the  foster system. Sissy and I aka (Sara) were both so excited and nervous for the run not only because it was our first run but it was up hill. We did the run we both rocked it, there is nothing like running with people for a cause it is the most adrenaline rush ever. Running to the end of the top of the hill to the finish line I cried. Seeing all the family there cheering you on is such a rush. During my whole journey with working out and running I have always admired a friend who has worked really hard to where she is. She didn't settle with being the way she was. Her name is Elisha and if know her already or haven't met her she will make you want to change. Her excitement and attitude towards a healthier life style is contagious. She has been a huge encouragement to me with running and working out. She does laugh at me I know because I have 6 kids she thinks I am crazy. It can be done with 6 kids I am a testament to that I know my husband works close but even if he didn't I would go when I could.Ask to ask that friend family member to watch your kiddos for that 30 minutes or less. I'm telling you people who see you wanting to be healthier and live that way won't say no in being there to help you achieve that.  You have to really want something to do it. Elisha has a blog you can go visit her and see her transformation and what she is up to. Writing this blog isn't to point out what you aren't doing but to encourage you to what you can be doing. I challenge you this week with great weather to eat new healthy thing you haven't wanted to try. Go on a run,walk do some exercises I promise you, you won't regret it . Just think that run, walk or exercise you are already way ahead of that one person who is on the couch. Your body will thank you for it.
At 30 years old I am in the best shape of my life and I know my kids and husband thank me for it, I have way more energy and my moods are so much better and I'm not too tired for them.
Keep me posted and let me know what you tried you can't do anything wrong if you try.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Just wait on Him!!!! He knows what he is doing!

I Know I said it in my blogs before the time I will say we are ADOPTING!
Well THE NAPIERS are ADOPTING, not one not two but three precious boys.

Yesterday was the phone call I was waiting for the courts were deciding to terminate parental rights. Which means our boys are orphans to the state but adoptable to our family.

The phone call first came and I was told it would be continued which I wasn't shocked, bummed but it wasn't anything we have been through far worse. Then I found out it was continued to a different time. So it made me stop and just talk with God. I told him whatever his plans were we are still going to take in orphans even if its not supposed to be these boys that I trust him with this whole situation. So I took a nap yes this mama of 6 took a nap while all the other little's slept.

I woke up to the phone it was our county worker and she said " Michelle Termination of rights" I cried I couldn't believe it. I We have been in this process for two years and never have we ever been this far. The first words I heard is just wait on me I told you I knew what I was doing.

God had this all planned everything we have been through the ups the downs the pure HELL.
He knew all along these boys were coming and of course we didn't see it. Now we do my three precious boys who will melt your heart they are very loving and very curious and tend to be naughty at times. We are all going through this process together. They call me "MOMMY and at first everyone was Mommy but not now they are getting to be familiarized that we are Mommy and Daddy and they have 3 sisters who love them like no other. They will be Napiers and will forever be apart of this family. Yes this process was so fast compared to before. But we are done comparing this is NOW  this is our story now and we will be a family of 8. Crazy for me to think I am a Mama to 6 kiddos and I can't even describe the feeling to you. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have 6 kiddos but God did. I got the phone call our case in in adoptions now.

This journey has only started and will get harder and easy at different times but Gods got this in the palm of his hands and we SUBMIT our lives to him. ALL this to the GLORY OF GOD! We don't take any credit for what we are doing because it is through him we are able.

SO yesterday was the day the day we could start fresh we could take our boys to get haircuts.
I was filled with excitement to be able to see their sweet beautiful faces they did so well. Barry the barber was so kind and was patient with them. Here our pics of yesterday.

Psalms 46:10

Monday, April 15, 2013

Averee Bella...

She is 7 my second baby girl who made me a mommy again:)
Averee was 8 pounds 1 ounce.
She has the sweetest smile.
She is the girl that will be in the mud hole with the boys and in the same day playing barbies and dress up.
Averee would give you the shirt off her back.
She will  let you know something about yourself you don't want to hear. We are working on that one(Tact).
She is my girl who will bring bugs on the house and not tell me.
She has brought unknown dogs into the home too.
Averee loves God more than anything in this world.
She has a huge compassion for orphans and the least of these.
If you want a hug she will give you one.

What she said that would make her birthday the most special is to keep her brothers.(praying)
She can make you laugh in 3 words.
She will try anything once.(Lord Help us)
If you know her you know she is not shy.
Twix are her absolute favorite.
She would rather drink water than anything.

         This girl is one of a kind and we are so blessed to have her. She has had some struggles on the way and we are getting through them. Her heart is so big she can't even size up to it.
                                          Thank you God for our precious Averee...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A trip with 12 kids...

So for some of you who may not know. Tyler and I have some really good friends who also have 6 kids. 5 boys and 1 girl:) And yes all our kids are the same age starting from 10 and under.

 Our friends live in Arizona and we absolutely love it there. We made the 8 hour drive with 6 kiddos and it turned out ok. We split it up in 2 days and that helped. We spent 5 days with them they have a house where its ok to have 12 kids in it not like we could ask them over with there 6  It just works to be able to have our families there in one roof together. A big part of the trip was because I was going to go see one of my favorite woman Beth Moore. If you have never seen or heard of her, look her up her passion for God is contagious. I was so looking forward to this trip because it was a only Mama girl trip. Let me tell ya there were 2 excited Mama's to be going over night, shopping yummy food and girl time. As Moms we need to do this it only makes you a better Mama. It is also good for your kiddos to know Mama takes care of her self and its ok.

My girlfriends husband was on a business trip so he was going to be gone for part of the day while we left for our trip. So that meant one thing Tyler and 12 kids....He was very ok with this. Even letting my friend know to have her 2 older boys to stay home from school to hang out. Yes I know crazy right! You have to know my husband to know that this kind of stuff doesn't phase him. Sure it was hard and he may of lost our 2 year old for 5 minutes but he did it. A great job he did too...

Beth was just fantastic she spoke on being MARKED and what marks and scars do you carry and have you let your wound turn into a scar? It was truly such a blessing to be with Christina and her Mom Candace aka (NANA). these two woman have left a mark into my life.

I cherished this trip I think so much because we were with a family who gets it and lives it.
6 kids don't scare them just like it doesn't for us.Yet either of our families are perfect and we share our struggles and don't judge because we get it. Not to many people will get when you turn your life from what used to be normal. This calling for adoption is a full time ministry. Some might say well you wanted more kids, not true at all. If Ty and I wanted more we would have them ourselves.
We submitted to a calling into our lives from God. With Submission comes suffering too. A loss of what our old family was like,the easy way life was,t he hardships of what Tyler and I deal with each-other. We do our best everyday managing our family everyday we fail. Yet his grace is there and he brought us to this and will guide us.

          Our friends deal with same and different struggles and we pray for them we can relate.
                 God tells us we aren't excluded from suffering but he will be there with us.

I know God puts people in our lives for a reason and this family is in our lives for a reason. A friendship that's life lasting and honest giving. Remember you can be leaving a mark on someone and not know it. Being honest with your life will help someone else that is a guarantee.

   You can follow our friends and there journey at

                                                                    Romans 5 3-5

Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Adoption It effects Everyone....

So we are in a long haul with this adoption process. We have and been through every possible circumstance. But then there is the case we are in now and it is going fast.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought this is the road we would be on. The boys we have will be potentially ours. In two weeks is the parental rights hearing this hearing means that the boys will be freed to adoption and will have no more ties to the parents. It is such a sad thing truly is. Sure it may be a Joy for our family but it is loss for the boys either way you look at it. So on that day when rights are terminated, we have four months til adoption.

Our family is definitely  going through the motions with this process some days are good and some are HARD on everyone. Everyone in this family has had  to adjust to what just happened. We gained half our children overnight. With this being said the honesty in me now will come out in what is going on.

One of our girls is really struggling we have seen a change in her since we lost Tyler and Trent  7 months ago. She misses them terribly and now she has to Trust God more than ever if this process doesn't work.

We are 99.9 % that they will stay but we seen the craziest things happen. I didn't really notice her struggle with the boys now until I talked to someone who talked to me about her and they said they noticed a change in her just recently. She then told me its understandable what your family is going through. So as a Mama I  talked to her right away. So we had one on one time and I took her to ice cream and we talked. She did tell me she is having a hard time and that when she tells the kids at school about her new brothers, this one response she got from another kids just speaks volumes of how our society is. A little kid told her it was not good she had these brothers because now there are too many kids and her parents will forget about her and not think she is special anymore.

 A lot for a little kid to say I thought. I talked to her and told her that the decisions our family makes we will get comments, opinions and people will think its weird. The only one that matters is God and he is so proud of you AVEREE for what you are doing. This statement took such a toll on her but I know it won't be the  last. She has the biggest heart I know and right now she is just trying to figure these little people out and I know she just wants everyone else to accept her family and what we are doing. 

Having these 6 kiddos we are finding balance to who needs what from us. The most impacted thing I told her was these 3 little boys have had no parents or big sisters. What a blessing it is that we can provide that for them. At a very young age my kids are learning that this life doesn't revolve around them and that our lives are to serve and love others. I know this struggle we are going through with her is reasons why people won't do this. If we caudal our children trying to make their world perfect we are doing a disservice to them. Big families just have that much more love and unity and LAUNDRY. So this is us right now I know there will be more things but we TRUST him. If more of us truly TRUSTED God with our lives could you imagine what this world would look like. Just not saying you believe him but truly going out on Faith and living it.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

                                                 Proverbs 3:5

Monday, March 11, 2013

Yes it's Hard, but not Impossible...

Blogging does not come as easy as it used to for me.. I have more little ones to care for now. My time isn't different but just has changed how I spend it.

 We are getting a whole bunch of questions all ready like,

Is it hard?

How is going with 6?

Are you truly able to love them even though they could leave?

Why are you guys doing this?

People are curious for sure, I get it, what we do is crazy!! But here is the thing we don't do this for anyone's approval because if we did we would not get a lot of likes.

When people ask me, How its going? I don't know what they expect me to say. That its horrible, perfect, ect...

So here it is Yes it is hard. We just took in 3 strangers into our home who don't know us from Adam who have lived with different people for a year. They come with no boundaries not really any consistency so we have to work with them, sun up til sun down. They are the sweetest boys who just want to be loved on. When they first meet you they want to hug you right away and kiss you. Understanding English and even Spanish is difficult. The two oldest barely talk so we are working with them the oldest talks but you can not understand him very well. Our girls handle them so well they are very attentive to the boys. Lola is trying everyday her best to adjust she now has three other people to share her day with. A day that used to be by her self.

Ty and I are the best team to manage our chaos we have a good system and it works. He is my right hand man for sure. He has been gone a lot more with work stuff then he usually has been. I have learned a lot about my self during all this. It isn't impossible for me to be a  Mom to 6 kids. My attitude is what is going to make me that Good Mom and how I approach each day.

We are one month away from the termination of parental rights hearing means these boys will be in the process of being adopted into our home. I don't love them any less knowing it may not work out for some unknown reason. When you take these children in and you love them less because your afraid they might be leaving then you truly can't do this.

As the court day approaches it will seem unreal that we will be in the adoption phase. In 2 years we have been on every roller coaster adoption ride. It is hard loosing children who you invest you whole life and heart to but that's what loving others looks like. When you love someone out side yourself and know there is nothing in return you are going to get.

These 3 precious boys could stay or may have another kink and it not work out and they all say they will and will be adopted in our home. But what this whole thing has taught me is God started this whole adoption process by adopting us first!!! Just because we haven't "adopted" the children who have been in our home doesn't mean they aren't adopted. Because these our Gods children and he adopted them first!! If he chooses us to be the ones then we will. Until then we continue this journey with not underestimating what God is capable of doing.

                                                                          Ephesians 1:5
                                He predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ,
                                                  according to the purpose of his will.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blind Side...


Oh how this movie made a big impact in my life and I didn't even know it.
Ty and I this weekend decided to pull this movie out of our box. He did buy it for me a couple Christmas ago and I hadn't watched it yet. When Blind Side came out in 2009 I  saw the preview thinking I have to see that. So when it came out to dvd we rented it.

I didn't remember all the feelings I had watching it until this weekend. This movie played a big role in my journey to where we are now.
In 2009 we just had Lola our third daughter lived in a beautiful big house and just lived the everyday normal life. I saw in this movie a young man who had everything taken from him.
Living day to day so quiet no one would know what he has been through.
Then one scene changed me forever. I'll give you the scene, Leigh Ann the Mom and her husband Sean and their son S.J are driving in the rain coming home from their daughters volleyball game. Now it is raining mind you and they come to a stop sign and see, Big Mike a young man walking in the rain with no where to go. The husband Sean asks him "Where he is going?" Big Mike replied "The gym". Well they looked at him and rolled up their windows and turned and proceeded to drive away. Until the Mom, she did it yes she did, something most all of us our afraid to do. She had her husband turn around and she got out of the car and asked Micheal where he was going and to not lie to her. She then found out he had no where to go. She invited him back to their home.

Now I can play every role out this one is my favorite because it is so powerful to me. I won't ever forget seeing this scene for the first time I wanted to be just like Saundra Bullocks character. Taking a risk and knowing how blessed we are that we could allow someone to come live with us also. During that time my husband was not in that place in is life and adoption was just a thought. I think it meant so much to me also because I too was Micheal. Everyone could of looked at me and thought I was fine but no one knew what my home life was like. A broken home with a addict who's addictions made my world turn upside down. I moved out when I was a senior and a very special woman allowed me to live with her and her daughter. A kind christian woman who let me sleep in her home and I came home to no chaos no worrying at all what it would be like when I got home. I will never forget that 6 months of my life ever!!! I can't even begin to tell you the comfort I had it is indescribable feeling. Some kids just grow up with a Dad and Mom and a safe household I did not. 

I think why this movie makes me cry, have a sense of pride, feel for the Mom and definitely Micheal. I am a product of someone turning on their Blind Side and taking me in even when it may have not been in their plans.

I know we can get caught up in just looking straight  and not turning to our Blind Side but you have NO Idea what an impact or blessing you could be to someone when you do.
There are too many hurting children and adults that we may never know what they are going through, but I challenge you, Take that chance. Give God the reigns to take over if you are scared. Invest in someone you never know what a person is going through until you truly invest in them. If you are that someone who is going through that hard time know there is someone who wants to be there for you. The most important one is God of all creation he loves you know matter WHAT!!

My life has changed and is still changing I know I am where I am due to my path in life.
My hurts, struggles and love made my heart that much stronger and HE guides me though.

2Corinthians 4:6
"Let the Light shine out of Darkness"


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We are all Broken...

Ty and I were anticipating our drive because we knew in just 45 minutes we were going to meet 3 little's that could potentially be in our home.

We had our first meeting place in a small room at a human service building. This room is all white with a window that is placed for people to see in but you can't see out. Definitely not an inviting place but we made best out of the situation. As we walked in there were three little boys with such dark hair that covers there face. Hair that may not be cut because the parents said no! Such dark beautiful skin and dark brown eyes. A sweet baby who was playing with toys. The other two boys looked at Tyler and I and we sat on the floor to their level and said "Hello". These boys were typical boys who just wanted to play.

I observed everything about them I could thinking what have they been through what will they be like?

Ty who was in heaven had them wrestling with him and speaking spanish. The three year old can speak Spanish and English a match made for Ty who can speak spanish. We met the foster parents who spoke very little english. They were very kind and you can tell the genuinely love the boys but they can't continue to care for them. These foster parents had to be in their late 50's. We were able to communicate through Ty and the social worker with them so we could ask about the boys. The sweet foster Mom broke down and cried which made me cry because she is going to miss them. I so know how she feels!

We had the hour visit and said our Goodbyes. Ty and I left to have lunch and talk everything over. I was in complete shock!!! Ty ready raring to go. I couldn't grasp what just happened and what is about to happen. Three little boys are about to enter our sorta  normal home and I know for a fact it is all going to be turned upside down! These little boys were jumping on the coffee tables hitting going through my purse I just couldn't get a handle on it. So that whole day I was angry, sad, and overwhelmed.

Angry that we are starting this whole process over. That we just did this helping two boys last year from horrible habits and how hard that was. To thinking we are starting this all over. Sad that what I think is normal will not be anymore also knowing I will never have any more babies in the home. Overwhelmed that I will be mothering 6 kiddos. 3 kiddos which have not been raised with boundaries or really parents more like a grandparent style.

SO I am being perfectly HONEST!! I was ready to say no... 
I saw these three broken little boys and I wasn't sure I wanted to take them in and unfold it all.
 So through praying and talking with Tyler who is my voice of reason and rock. He told me you really need to pray about this and take whatever you think the fantasy case is out the window. He told me you said it yourself these children don't come from white picked fence situations.

That day I went for my run which I have taking up running and now I am addicted. Im at 2 miles right now. I clear my head a lot when I run. The song Crazy Love came on by
 Hawk Nelson. If you haven't listened to it you should the lyrics are great.

 Just then I realized we are all Broken. We are like these three little boys in that office and yet God still takes us and wants to be our Father. He doesn't look the other way because we are going to make mistakes and do things wrong. He loves us no matter what we do.
 GRACE... He extends it,He is it and He gives it to us.

I just finished my run and this all came to me. Just then I realized I will not let my fears or selfish reasons for following through what God has called us to do.

Trust me I am scared and excited all at the same time. ADOPTION needs an equal sign next to it that Says "CRAZY, RISKY, HARD, SELFLESS, BLESSING and so many more.

God truly help me see why I was feeling that way. To really look at my own life and the way God has been there for me.

These three little boys need parents, boundaries, love and for them to know there is a relentless God who Loves them.

They come this week for a day, meet the girls and will see their new house. I am praying the transition goes smoothly for them. I am praying that God will help me minimize any expectations for right now and that we will take this 1 day at a time.

 We are ready for them I have made their beds and got the rooms ready. I look at them thinking these could permanently have sleeping boys in it. 

This came up on my computer and it spoke to me then ever!!!!


Be RECKLESS for God he knows how everything will turn out!!



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On our way to being a family of 8!!!

  After our meeting yesterday with the adoption county worker which I was so ancy to meet with all day. Ty and I feel good about the road we are headed on.

The county worker asked some great questions. The one she asked that I won't ever forget is " What is motivating you two to want to take in 3 little boys?" Now Ty and I both answered we live a blessed life and want to be able to provide a home for children in need of one. Now we told her if we didn't go through what we just did with our other boys we probably couldn't of said yes. I just thought it was funny because
I know she thought we are nuts...

 Tyler and Trent I feel left us with tools and prepared us for what can be. We went through crazy times with 5 kiddos and we got through it. We told her we never sat down and said " We want 6 kids we just feel that we are going to be able to do it". We are not in la la land thinking it is going to be peaches and cream. It will be hard and we will be tired but it is so worth it to us. My heart breaks for what these 3 precious boys have had to endure. I know we aren't going to bring them in and save them, but we will love and walk along side them during struggles they will have.

I can't even put into words the emotions I am feeling, I am so overwhelmed with God's Love. I never thought this is where we would be 6 month's to the date after the boys leaving. We will never forget the three special boys who helped us on this journey even if meant hard times and letting them go. Our journey to adoption has been the most trying in our lives but we press forward. Nothing is ever a guarantee even with these new little ones. We know when we say yes doesn't mean that is what goes.

When you stay in the comforts of your life you will never TRULY know h0w God will use you. So for right now we yes and will love and care for these precious boys and if its Gods will they will forever be apart of our Family. 

On a funny light note, they are very young...The three year old turned 3 in October, the 2 year old turned 2 in November and the one year old just turned 1 in December.   Yes we are Crazy but Crazy about the ONE who chose us!!!!

We meet the boys next week and we will all slowly transition for them coming into our home. Please pray for these 3 boys and our 3 girls and Ty and I as we are all about to board the CRAZY TRAIN!!!
 We are excited for the ride...  

All aboard CHOO CHOO...

Blessed is the one who trust in the Lord.
      Jeremiah 17:7

Monday, January 28, 2013


Ok, so we found out today our family is considered for the boys.
It doesn't stop right there we are going to meet with the county worker
next Tuesday. She wants to meet with us and come see our home and get a feel for what we are like. I mean you think it does sound crazy that a family with three girls of their own would say yes to three toddler boys. I would want to meet them too.  lol

This is a exciting part of this adventure for us it doesn't guarantee anything just gives us hope that we can be on the path to our forever family.

So next Tuesday we will have one meeting with someone who will decide if we are the right fit for the boys. Ty and I talked and we will pray that we don't get lead astray and  use the time with her to build our selves up. That our hearts will show why we are in this. That the love and support these children need will be met in this home. Also she wants to know that we have support oh how I wish I could have everyone here in our home that has been part of this journey with us. Today made Tyler and I realize how truly blessed we are in the support and love category. That any children who will forever be part of this family will receive.

One more week until we know what changes will be happening for our family. 
 We are willing to do Gods work even if it is scary and we feel reluctant. 
 How blessed we are that he chose us.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


6 months of a new sense on life and about our selves. The boys have been gone for that long. It has gone by so fast. In this time we haven't given up on Hope or what God has called us to do. We all have our times of when we are sad but that is normal.

I can't tell you how much love and support I felt through this blog I have received so much encouraging words and prayer and I can feel it. God has never left our side through all of this even though I might of had a bad day and felt like that.  HE has reminded me that I am the one who chooses JOY. It has been so calm here going from 5 to 3 back in our same routine sleeping through the night.

We definitely pray for God to reveal who he has for our family and that we will do his will whatever comes our way.
So that can be happening as I found out yesterday, and like I always have said "one phone call could change our life". 

I don't want to give so much detail because we don't know what is happening for sure.Know I will keep you posted. Please pray for our family and for guidance that next week as we find out what could potentially change our lives. Prayer is so powerful and I know it works.

This verse is so my heart right now. For if it is meant to be it will be.

                                            Be Joyful always, pray continually,
                                     GIVE THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES,
                                 For This is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
                                                     1Thessolonians 5:16-18

                                               XOXO  Michelle and the Napier Crew...