Monday, November 14, 2011

The journey starts again....

              That call came!! The call that we said yes too. It has been 5 months since we said yes to our last buddy boy as Lola would call him. Then he was given back to Mom. So during these 5 months we have had a lot of growing in this Napier household. Learning of not taking things for granted and loving unconditional, Ty and realizing that we can do it with four what makes 5 or 6 yes I said it we will hopefully one day have that:) Biggest learning lesson It isn't about us at all. That everything we do, live for is for Him, GOD! SO  here we go again not knowing  what will happen but we know what we are doing what we should. Our family is going from 5 to 7. We are getting a 5 year old who's name is Tyler, can you believe it Tyler he is 9 days older then Averee to the date:) Also we are getting his little brother from the hospital in 2  to 3 weeks who is in nicu getting stronger and was born at 3 1/2 pounds at 32 weeks. So our world is changing yet again:) Ty and I went to see Courages on Friday and Wow what a movie for us to see at this time. It is about making a impact in someones life no matter if they are yours or for keep or not to keep them. That's just what we pray to do make an impact on these 2 little people who are about to come into our family.    So I ask if you could keep our family in your prayers.
Love the Napiers:) Philippians 2-3