Monday, January 16, 2012

Friends Forever.....


  I am writing about the middles in our family. Tyler and Averee, now they are both five and only nine days apart. When Tyler first came with us it was a transition for everyone including Tyler. 
It hit most for Averee
a boy coming to live in the home who is the same exact age as her. Now that says I am going to check you out and watch everything you do. Oh boy did she! The two were like cats and dogs trying to figure each other out. Averee always micromanaging Tyler and Tyler being very in tolerant of Averee. Well what a 180 there has been in our house. These two are inseparable they are always playing and if you want to know where the other one is "oh" they're with each other. They both sit in the back of the car and let me tell you what a blessing it is to hear Tyler laugh it is the sweetest thing to my ear. Averee is always doing something that he thinks is hilarious. They have a built in best friend. Now everyday is not perfect and they have there moments but I have to say they reached that level that they truly have grown to love each other as brother and sister and friends. They love unconditionally don't care where the other one came from just that they love the other one just because..  Last thing they get in trouble together also just like today for instance they wanted me to see their new trick. Well they went on Tyler's bed and Averee put Tyler on her back and said "they were like Rio the bird and Tyler didn't know how to fly so she was helping him!!" Yes they jumped off the bed with Tyler still on Averee's back... It was all I could do to not scream..

Monday, January 2, 2012

Loving Others....

 Well it has been a while since I last blogged. We are a busy family now going from 5 to 7 overnight. Things have changed for us that's for sure, some good some hard. We are growing each day with each other learning something new each day and seeing God's work at hand we these little boys. Our girls are doing well, they love their new siblings and they all act like it that's for sure. The bossiness and telling on each other that's the same.They love these boys as their own brothers and haven't blinked twice to show it. Good and  Ty and I are getting the grips of managing ship with 5 little people. Without going on for detail to detail I will share just what has been going on here at the Napier casa. Thanksgiving was wonderful having the boys to share it with. Tyler is in school with Averee they are in the same class and are doing well with that. It's weird having two 5 year olds 9 days apart. He adjusted so good to school. He learned to ride a bike for the first time and now can all by himself that was so great to watch. He is learning to adjust to this life he has never experienced anything like it. This Christmas we felt so blessed to have him with us to experience with him all the things he has never done or had. He is a sweet boy and is so smart, sometimes I think for reasons he shouldn't have to be. The baby is doing great growing and just needs a little help with sleeping....... He is very precious though. My kiddos want to hold him every second they can and there a lot of little dirty hands around here. Now that being said these are all new changes and we are getting by learning how to deal with every new one we come across. We already get the looks from people thinking we are crazy but we knew that would happen. I have to tell you what amazing God we serve because he has been here in it this whole time getting us through in the hardest times. When we noticed things are not like they used to be and we get out of our comfort zone. Having this chaos of a circus in our family is definitely different. I originally said in this process we would not take a baby older than one. Well that was not what God had planned for us. When I told my girlfriend that we are getting a five year old, I thought how crazy it is because that's not we thought we would of wanted, and her words stuck with me like glue!! She said  "Well he doesn't want you either... he wants his mom." Boy was she right and I needed to hear that from then on I asked God to change my heart and let me be open to this journey we are about to go on. This little guy has taught me so much already about how life isn't about being in your comfort zone its getting out of it to really love on others... Yeah sure its fine to bring in a baby and love on them because they don't speak or do annoying things that they have been raised with. Older kids talk back and tell you how they are feeling and bringing that into your life is change because sometimes you have to hear what has happened to them and to know it breaks you DOWN!! Children shouldn't have to know or live like that. God tells us to love on the orphans but not by our standards or what we want to do. You love God and love others all the way. Now the other part of this journey is their Mom. We are feeling very compelled that this just isn't about these boys it's loving it's their Mom also. Yeah sure if you knew the things that went on any normal person would say forget it. But that's just it we were not called to be normal we were called to be different. There Mom needs love and God in her life and how else will she see it if we choose to just forget her. She needs so much prayer. I ask that you would pray for her. She leads a very sad life with a lot of bad decisions along the way. She needs the love and stability just as much as her boys do.

This circus that's going on in our lives right now I will tell you I love every minute of it. I can honestly say all my life that I have never felt "accomplished" because I didn't finish college and no college degree to speak of. This greater calling God has me in to be a Mother not only to my own biological kids but to other children from God is what I know I am supposed to be doing. Loving God and Loving others and being Mom.. I cry as I write this because saying it out loud is a huge moment for me at 29 I am doing what God has called me to do and for that I am over abundantly blessed.  So as the start of this new year we will see what God has in store for our family. I challenge those of you who read this "How can you love others who you don't think deserve it? Well, God does!!!

                                                                Micah 6:8 
                                                              Do justice, Love mercy, walk humbly with our God.

 Very first day meeting each other<3  Col 3;12
                                                                           Much Love, Michelle.