Monday, January 28, 2013


Ok, so we found out today our family is considered for the boys.
It doesn't stop right there we are going to meet with the county worker
next Tuesday. She wants to meet with us and come see our home and get a feel for what we are like. I mean you think it does sound crazy that a family with three girls of their own would say yes to three toddler boys. I would want to meet them too.  lol

This is a exciting part of this adventure for us it doesn't guarantee anything just gives us hope that we can be on the path to our forever family.

So next Tuesday we will have one meeting with someone who will decide if we are the right fit for the boys. Ty and I talked and we will pray that we don't get lead astray and  use the time with her to build our selves up. That our hearts will show why we are in this. That the love and support these children need will be met in this home. Also she wants to know that we have support oh how I wish I could have everyone here in our home that has been part of this journey with us. Today made Tyler and I realize how truly blessed we are in the support and love category. That any children who will forever be part of this family will receive.

One more week until we know what changes will be happening for our family. 
 We are willing to do Gods work even if it is scary and we feel reluctant. 
 How blessed we are that he chose us.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


6 months of a new sense on life and about our selves. The boys have been gone for that long. It has gone by so fast. In this time we haven't given up on Hope or what God has called us to do. We all have our times of when we are sad but that is normal.

I can't tell you how much love and support I felt through this blog I have received so much encouraging words and prayer and I can feel it. God has never left our side through all of this even though I might of had a bad day and felt like that.  HE has reminded me that I am the one who chooses JOY. It has been so calm here going from 5 to 3 back in our same routine sleeping through the night.

We definitely pray for God to reveal who he has for our family and that we will do his will whatever comes our way.
So that can be happening as I found out yesterday, and like I always have said "one phone call could change our life". 

I don't want to give so much detail because we don't know what is happening for sure.Know I will keep you posted. Please pray for our family and for guidance that next week as we find out what could potentially change our lives. Prayer is so powerful and I know it works.

This verse is so my heart right now. For if it is meant to be it will be.

                                            Be Joyful always, pray continually,
                                     GIVE THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES,
                                 For This is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
                                                     1Thessolonians 5:16-18

                                               XOXO  Michelle and the Napier Crew...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Coming Together as Mommies...

  So there is a big thing that kind of relates you to someone even if you don't know them one thing you might share in common. If you have children it's called Mommyhood.

Being a Mommy it has so many components that go with it. Yes there are books out when you are first Mom but no book can tell you how its going to go when you are a new Mom and even along the way into being a Mother. 

I think as Moms we need to come together instead of dragging each other down. Our stories can relate to someone who is in the same boat and you don't even know it. I truly think that is the only way to help each other as Moms is to be real and share your stories and how you got through it.

This brings me to my next thing a dear friend of mine is starting a book club for Mommies on facebook. It is going to be private and it will be confidential just to the other Moms who are in it also. The book she is doing it on is called 
Hope for the Mom who Needs to Breath
 By, Sarah Mae, Sally Clarkson

This book is for us Moms who love their children to death, but yet cry because things are so crazy. I ordered the book on Amazon it was super easy.
Now you don't have to own the book to join.

Go to the facebook page Langgangloves and pm her and tell her you would like to be part of this.
 She then will add you to the site since it is private.
I encourage you try it. Nothing but hope and support can come from a group like this.

xoxo  Michelle

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Taking in the Moments with our Kids...

 When I was first entering Motherhood I will never forget what someone said to me. They told me slow down when your a Mom because it happens in a blink of an eye. Oh how true it is for all of us Moms. Some Mom's are now Grandma's and even Great Grandma's. Mom's who are seeing their children off to war, a wedding, college ect... I can't begin to place my mind there that my babies will someday be adults and will be on a new adventures of life.

That is what we do though, we raise our children to leave us. We raise them to prepare them for the the life ahead of them. In this moment my girls are 9, 6 and 3 seeing the way they are now I can't even begun to know how they will be as adults or even teenagers... Oh that word teenagers with girls everyone likes to say us because we have three, Oh you just wait!! I can't predict anything all I can do is pray over them and their walk in this life. I felt led to write this post because sometimes we get so busy and caught up with life we forget they are growing up everyday. I look at my girls and realize they are out of stages that they used to be in. My oldest Faith I can remember so clearly rocking her to take a nap everyday when she was just a baby and she was the only one no siblings yet. Now she is in the stage where she attends school all day and my time with her is not all day it gets shorter. My second one Averee I remember her always having her pacifier and following me wherever I went. Now she talks so much I can't ever believe she had a pacifier at all. Now my youngest Lola she is 3 and although she is still a baby to me I notice everything that isn't making her a baby anymore. Like no more diapers, or pacifiers and no more waking up with cartoons and having a sippy cup. Yet I take in the fact that I can hold her still and carry her. I can't help but watch her and think she too will be older like her sisters.

It doesn't help that I am getting older also. I mean I was pretty young in having kids and I know I am not so old you realize it more when you see your own children growing up. This has made me more aware to just take a step back and watch my girls grow up not to get caught up in the things that they won't remember but in the things they will remember. Like playing with my oldest for a bit of time when she was a baby and all the pretend stuff she liked to do. My girls still ask me to play with them and I try to remember when I feel like something has to be done that they wont always ask me. I look at their sweet faces and even growing bodies and think of who they will become or what they will do. Remember to take a step back because when you blink you have already moved 2 steps ahead and everyone else around you has also. Something that I have learned because I am like any other Mommy who wants to get things done and don't stop maybe when I should. I find out what my kids things are meaning what they like to do with me and their special time. Faiths is sitting or laying on my bed and talking or going somewhere by herself with me or helping in the kitchen.  Averee loves to have books read to her and she likes to color so if I color with her she absolutely loves it or also helping me in the kitchen. Lola loves to play kitchen or babies or  make crafts. Find out what kids interest is and when you do it with them they love that you also take interest in it also. Build relationships with you kids.

                                          Can you tell who is who at 6 months?


Thursday, January 3, 2013

We look back at 2012

As we look back to 2012 we have no regrets. We are Thankful for 2012!!
We look forward to 2013 and who knows maybe the video will be different:)