Saturday, January 26, 2013


6 months of a new sense on life and about our selves. The boys have been gone for that long. It has gone by so fast. In this time we haven't given up on Hope or what God has called us to do. We all have our times of when we are sad but that is normal.

I can't tell you how much love and support I felt through this blog I have received so much encouraging words and prayer and I can feel it. God has never left our side through all of this even though I might of had a bad day and felt like that.  HE has reminded me that I am the one who chooses JOY. It has been so calm here going from 5 to 3 back in our same routine sleeping through the night.

We definitely pray for God to reveal who he has for our family and that we will do his will whatever comes our way.
So that can be happening as I found out yesterday, and like I always have said "one phone call could change our life". 

I don't want to give so much detail because we don't know what is happening for sure.Know I will keep you posted. Please pray for our family and for guidance that next week as we find out what could potentially change our lives. Prayer is so powerful and I know it works.

This verse is so my heart right now. For if it is meant to be it will be.

                                            Be Joyful always, pray continually,
                                     GIVE THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES,
                                 For This is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
                                                     1Thessolonians 5:16-18

                                               XOXO  Michelle and the Napier Crew...

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