Monday, March 11, 2013

Yes it's Hard, but not Impossible...

Blogging does not come as easy as it used to for me.. I have more little ones to care for now. My time isn't different but just has changed how I spend it.

 We are getting a whole bunch of questions all ready like,

Is it hard?

How is going with 6?

Are you truly able to love them even though they could leave?

Why are you guys doing this?

People are curious for sure, I get it, what we do is crazy!! But here is the thing we don't do this for anyone's approval because if we did we would not get a lot of likes.

When people ask me, How its going? I don't know what they expect me to say. That its horrible, perfect, ect...

So here it is Yes it is hard. We just took in 3 strangers into our home who don't know us from Adam who have lived with different people for a year. They come with no boundaries not really any consistency so we have to work with them, sun up til sun down. They are the sweetest boys who just want to be loved on. When they first meet you they want to hug you right away and kiss you. Understanding English and even Spanish is difficult. The two oldest barely talk so we are working with them the oldest talks but you can not understand him very well. Our girls handle them so well they are very attentive to the boys. Lola is trying everyday her best to adjust she now has three other people to share her day with. A day that used to be by her self.

Ty and I are the best team to manage our chaos we have a good system and it works. He is my right hand man for sure. He has been gone a lot more with work stuff then he usually has been. I have learned a lot about my self during all this. It isn't impossible for me to be a  Mom to 6 kids. My attitude is what is going to make me that Good Mom and how I approach each day.

We are one month away from the termination of parental rights hearing means these boys will be in the process of being adopted into our home. I don't love them any less knowing it may not work out for some unknown reason. When you take these children in and you love them less because your afraid they might be leaving then you truly can't do this.

As the court day approaches it will seem unreal that we will be in the adoption phase. In 2 years we have been on every roller coaster adoption ride. It is hard loosing children who you invest you whole life and heart to but that's what loving others looks like. When you love someone out side yourself and know there is nothing in return you are going to get.

These 3 precious boys could stay or may have another kink and it not work out and they all say they will and will be adopted in our home. But what this whole thing has taught me is God started this whole adoption process by adopting us first!!! Just because we haven't "adopted" the children who have been in our home doesn't mean they aren't adopted. Because these our Gods children and he adopted them first!! If he chooses us to be the ones then we will. Until then we continue this journey with not underestimating what God is capable of doing.

                                                                          Ephesians 1:5
                                He predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ,
                                                  according to the purpose of his will.