Friday, April 27, 2012

A Supporting Family

 Yes our family is big and could continue to grow God willing. All the kid's have there own likes and dislikes. Everyone one of them is different and yet all the same. How are they all the same they support each other. With that being said. Our girls have taken Tyler and the baby under there own wing and showed there Daddy and I about true unconditional love. They don't see the bad ugly side that comes with taking on adoption they just see these boys who need love and support and they do it. Not once did they ever second guess these two little people coming into the house that were going to start taking up Mommy and Daddy's attention also knowing our family would be different. There are bonds you can't even describe and a common ground between them. They all  can meet on the same level that they are of the same family and they all know Jesus loves them very much because in Jesus eyes they are of the same family. They also know  Mommy and Daddy support them all. If they have conflicts or a hard time understanding what's going on were there to help them all through it. I just wanted to share because I am so proud of  how well the kids have been together and this picture just makes my heart just melt. Three girls watching a there brother who they are so proud of and want to be there for him.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

6 months old Today and still Growing.

 I can't believe my Little boy is 6 months old today. As I look into his Big blue eyes I think of quite the journey this little man has been on. Being brought into the world so dramatically and not in a normal way. He was so tiny when we first laid eyes on him in the Nicu he didn't look real. He was only 4 pounds when we brought him home from the hospital. He could fit into the palm of both hands put together. Fragile and so weak I couldn't believe this tiny little person was coming home to us. It would take him 45 minutes just to finish a bottle the size of a pretend bottle for your girls baby dolls. Even his preemie clothes were to big if you could even believe that! 6 months in the making and he has improved more than i could express. We took him to Mad era's children's hospital and had some test done on him Found out that he has esophageal reflux we are so grateful for that. He will grow out of it and he is now on a medicine that has truly helped him. He doesn't have that major heart burn  that would cause him a lot of pain and discomfort and  doesn't projectile vomit his food as much anymore.

  He has totally changed from the last blog I wrote. He is now tracking your face and he just started grabbing for things. He doesn't sit up yet or eat solid foods. Crying isn't like it used to be. We have now learned he is baby who needs to sleep a lot and know when to put him down for his naps. His sister's and brother love to make him smile. He is by far the most popular and unpopular in the Either they love him for smiling or dislike him for screaming give or take.  He follows me with his eyes when ever I am in the room. His smiles melt my heart every time, it isn't really anything I could explain just the fact that it reminds me every time that God is faithful and in control. Though the bonding for him and I hasn't been easy because his little body doesn't take well to touch or to much stimulation. It is just something that we have to work harder for. There is so much love that we have to give to him that I truly know in my heart it will help him through.

I can't wait for that day when I get to hear him laugh. I don't know how I will handle it I won't know to laugh or cry. Not hearing this from him has been kind of weird for me since all my babies were smiling and laughing and making  baby noises already by now. He will laugh I know it in his timing and Gods. I will wait patiently just adoring and enjoying all the steps he is doing day by day. He is my precious Little Boy and I Love Him so.   

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Being Still and Knowing He is God

  Busy Busy Busy....

That just seems to be the norm for an every day average family. We hear it all the time you say "How are things going?" The answer? We are just so busy lately and can't find the time. I know our family has been caught up in that. Having a growing family the kids want to try new things and join sports and dance and gymnastics etc... After praying and talking to Tyler we decided that it would be best for Faith to choose one activity, instead of doing both gymnastics and dance. That was hard because she did nothing wrong, it wasn't because we couldn't afford it. Our kids getting to be able to do an extra activity is exactly that...extra! Meaning something they enjoy doing. We realized we don't want them to get caught up in being in everything because, what is the purpose? Yes we all do something we love extra on the side but here is the thing is that extra letting you be still? Are you doing nothing and content? We live in society that says the more stuff you do the happier you'll be. Now it was our fault be cause we started Faith in letting her do both and we told her to choose and explained to her this very reason. She was such a champ and understood our whole reasoning  that was one extra thing that took from our family time and her time. I read a book called "Weird" by Craig Groeschel, a fantastic read I highly recommend it. He says" We're afraid that if we don't just run non stop and try everything this world has to offer we're going to miss out on something." That's just it you are missing out!! You're missing out on the stillness and know that he is God moments. Don't put so much on your plate that you forget those moments and take in his pure goodness. 

 Psalms 46:10  "Be still and know that I am God"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Averee is 6

       Well there was another Birthday Averee turned 6 on the 14th. It was a special day. She got to celebrate with snow:) Not the typical April kind of day you would think, but she played and had fun anyway. Averee is 6 and it is so hard to believe because I remember her birth like it was yesterday being the Mom for the second time you kind of feel like a pro like I can do this again. I remember looking at her, like she looks nothing like me and she is so cute. What a special little girl she is growing up to be. Averee is the most kindest loving child and would give you the shoes off her feet if you told her you didn't have any. She has taught her Dad and I about unconditional love watching her the way she is with our expanding family. She is the funniest girl and I am thankful to be her Mommy. Avo is a one of kind little girl and at 6 is in love with Jesus and knows he is the maker and loves her so....For that I am so Grateful..

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Special Birthday..

 Well our little man Tyler is now 6 years old. His birthday was April 5th. We had a great day started out by a yummy breakfast and playing all day until family came for his party. At the breakfast table that morning the conversation went like this" Tyler what kind of birthday party's do you have? Tyler replying back to Averee " I have never had a birthday party.  Averee looked at me with such shock and sadness but we made no big deal about it. We just told him about what was going to happen that night.

 He was going to have a cake his favorite dinner and some people were coming over. If it were me I would of wanted to invite everyone I knew to celebrate this day to see how far he has come and how well he is doing. I couldn't do that to him though way to overwhelming. Never experiencing a birthday party before that would of been way to much for him.

 So it was simple and small he didn't understand the opening of gifts, while people were watching and he was so shy and said" Mommy what do I do"? I said " I will just help you open them and you get to enjoy what you received from people" It was a slow process but I took it all in seeing this little guy who has been through so much get to enjoy a moment just for him!! I even cried when his sisters made him birthday cards and they wrote they loved him and they were so excited.  He had a great day he is a big 6 year old and I thank God he was in our home to spend his birthday...