Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Special Birthday..

 Well our little man Tyler is now 6 years old. His birthday was April 5th. We had a great day started out by a yummy breakfast and playing all day until family came for his party. At the breakfast table that morning the conversation went like this" Tyler what kind of birthday party's do you have? Tyler replying back to Averee " I have never had a birthday party.  Averee looked at me with such shock and sadness but we made no big deal about it. We just told him about what was going to happen that night.

 He was going to have a cake his favorite dinner and some people were coming over. If it were me I would of wanted to invite everyone I knew to celebrate this day to see how far he has come and how well he is doing. I couldn't do that to him though way to overwhelming. Never experiencing a birthday party before that would of been way to much for him.

 So it was simple and small he didn't understand the opening of gifts, while people were watching and he was so shy and said" Mommy what do I do"? I said " I will just help you open them and you get to enjoy what you received from people" It was a slow process but I took it all in seeing this little guy who has been through so much get to enjoy a moment just for him!! I even cried when his sisters made him birthday cards and they wrote they loved him and they were so excited.  He had a great day he is a big 6 year old and I thank God he was in our home to spend his birthday...

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