Friday, April 27, 2012

A Supporting Family

 Yes our family is big and could continue to grow God willing. All the kid's have there own likes and dislikes. Everyone one of them is different and yet all the same. How are they all the same they support each other. With that being said. Our girls have taken Tyler and the baby under there own wing and showed there Daddy and I about true unconditional love. They don't see the bad ugly side that comes with taking on adoption they just see these boys who need love and support and they do it. Not once did they ever second guess these two little people coming into the house that were going to start taking up Mommy and Daddy's attention also knowing our family would be different. There are bonds you can't even describe and a common ground between them. They all  can meet on the same level that they are of the same family and they all know Jesus loves them very much because in Jesus eyes they are of the same family. They also know  Mommy and Daddy support them all. If they have conflicts or a hard time understanding what's going on were there to help them all through it. I just wanted to share because I am so proud of  how well the kids have been together and this picture just makes my heart just melt. Three girls watching a there brother who they are so proud of and want to be there for him.

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