Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Averee is 6

       Well there was another Birthday Averee turned 6 on the 14th. It was a special day. She got to celebrate with snow:) Not the typical April kind of day you would think, but she played and had fun anyway. Averee is 6 and it is so hard to believe because I remember her birth like it was yesterday being the Mom for the second time you kind of feel like a pro like I can do this again. I remember looking at her, like she looks nothing like me and she is so cute. What a special little girl she is growing up to be. Averee is the most kindest loving child and would give you the shoes off her feet if you told her you didn't have any. She has taught her Dad and I about unconditional love watching her the way she is with our expanding family. She is the funniest girl and I am thankful to be her Mommy. Avo is a one of kind little girl and at 6 is in love with Jesus and knows he is the maker and loves her so....For that I am so Grateful..

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