Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beauftiful girls..

 I have been wanting to write this post for a long time. Just really haven't had the time... Funny I know, Mom of five finds hours upon hours to write in blog.. Well today is a pretty day and kids are playing and are happy.

  I have been thinking a lot lately of how fast time goes by especially with having kids. Its like you blink and they are walking and talking and ruling the world in their own way. This brings me to my next thought raising girls.
 We live in a day and age where the world says " you are only as beautiful as you look" That does not go far in my book with girls out there who have the most selfless hearts and willingness to serve Christ, but that isn't beautiful. Being super skinny, wearing name brands, not eating a lot, focusing on always working on you, exercising, surgery's, that's what beautiful is!! It almost makes me so sad knowing my three girls are growing up in a world that tells them that.

 I want my girls to be confident in them selves and with there walk with Christ even if that means they don't blend in with the crowd. My three little girls who will grow up to be someones wife, friend, Mother I want them to know what is most important! That is to not live this life for yourself but to live it serving others. I see how much pressure woman have on there looks and there body its almost shameful what that can do to a poor little girls self esteem. You're only as good as you look! That is what we live in a hollow place with outward appearance most important. If the that woman or girl who just was told that one time God thinks your beautiful and he is what matters. Wow can you think of what a change that would be if half of Girls, and Woman only cared what God thought about them, than what the world does?  Anybody can be breathtaking on the outside but a takes a selfless woman to be breathtaking on the inside also. Remember Mommies your daughters see how much you fret on looks and your weight  they are sponges and soon will think that is whats important!  Without Christ every woman has insecurities. Let him truly be the judge in how you look.
                      "How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful!" 
                                               Songs Of Songs 4:1

If you are able to please read the book Kisses from Katie... Truly an inspiring book from such a young girl who is living the mission with selflessness.  Katie Davis is a beautiful Girl.. 


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