Monday, January 28, 2013


Ok, so we found out today our family is considered for the boys.
It doesn't stop right there we are going to meet with the county worker
next Tuesday. She wants to meet with us and come see our home and get a feel for what we are like. I mean you think it does sound crazy that a family with three girls of their own would say yes to three toddler boys. I would want to meet them too.  lol

This is a exciting part of this adventure for us it doesn't guarantee anything just gives us hope that we can be on the path to our forever family.

So next Tuesday we will have one meeting with someone who will decide if we are the right fit for the boys. Ty and I talked and we will pray that we don't get lead astray and  use the time with her to build our selves up. That our hearts will show why we are in this. That the love and support these children need will be met in this home. Also she wants to know that we have support oh how I wish I could have everyone here in our home that has been part of this journey with us. Today made Tyler and I realize how truly blessed we are in the support and love category. That any children who will forever be part of this family will receive.

One more week until we know what changes will be happening for our family. 
 We are willing to do Gods work even if it is scary and we feel reluctant. 
 How blessed we are that he chose us.

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