Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On our way to being a family of 8!!!

  After our meeting yesterday with the adoption county worker which I was so ancy to meet with all day. Ty and I feel good about the road we are headed on.

The county worker asked some great questions. The one she asked that I won't ever forget is " What is motivating you two to want to take in 3 little boys?" Now Ty and I both answered we live a blessed life and want to be able to provide a home for children in need of one. Now we told her if we didn't go through what we just did with our other boys we probably couldn't of said yes. I just thought it was funny because
I know she thought we are nuts...

 Tyler and Trent I feel left us with tools and prepared us for what can be. We went through crazy times with 5 kiddos and we got through it. We told her we never sat down and said " We want 6 kids we just feel that we are going to be able to do it". We are not in la la land thinking it is going to be peaches and cream. It will be hard and we will be tired but it is so worth it to us. My heart breaks for what these 3 precious boys have had to endure. I know we aren't going to bring them in and save them, but we will love and walk along side them during struggles they will have.

I can't even put into words the emotions I am feeling, I am so overwhelmed with God's Love. I never thought this is where we would be 6 month's to the date after the boys leaving. We will never forget the three special boys who helped us on this journey even if meant hard times and letting them go. Our journey to adoption has been the most trying in our lives but we press forward. Nothing is ever a guarantee even with these new little ones. We know when we say yes doesn't mean that is what goes.

When you stay in the comforts of your life you will never TRULY know h0w God will use you. So for right now we yes and will love and care for these precious boys and if its Gods will they will forever be apart of our Family. 

On a funny light note, they are very young...The three year old turned 3 in October, the 2 year old turned 2 in November and the one year old just turned 1 in December.   Yes we are Crazy but Crazy about the ONE who chose us!!!!

We meet the boys next week and we will all slowly transition for them coming into our home. Please pray for these 3 boys and our 3 girls and Ty and I as we are all about to board the CRAZY TRAIN!!!
 We are excited for the ride...  

All aboard CHOO CHOO...

Blessed is the one who trust in the Lord.
      Jeremiah 17:7

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