Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blind Side...


Oh how this movie made a big impact in my life and I didn't even know it.
Ty and I this weekend decided to pull this movie out of our box. He did buy it for me a couple Christmas ago and I hadn't watched it yet. When Blind Side came out in 2009 I  saw the preview thinking I have to see that. So when it came out to dvd we rented it.

I didn't remember all the feelings I had watching it until this weekend. This movie played a big role in my journey to where we are now.
In 2009 we just had Lola our third daughter lived in a beautiful big house and just lived the everyday normal life. I saw in this movie a young man who had everything taken from him.
Living day to day so quiet no one would know what he has been through.
Then one scene changed me forever. I'll give you the scene, Leigh Ann the Mom and her husband Sean and their son S.J are driving in the rain coming home from their daughters volleyball game. Now it is raining mind you and they come to a stop sign and see, Big Mike a young man walking in the rain with no where to go. The husband Sean asks him "Where he is going?" Big Mike replied "The gym". Well they looked at him and rolled up their windows and turned and proceeded to drive away. Until the Mom, she did it yes she did, something most all of us our afraid to do. She had her husband turn around and she got out of the car and asked Micheal where he was going and to not lie to her. She then found out he had no where to go. She invited him back to their home.

Now I can play every role out this one is my favorite because it is so powerful to me. I won't ever forget seeing this scene for the first time I wanted to be just like Saundra Bullocks character. Taking a risk and knowing how blessed we are that we could allow someone to come live with us also. During that time my husband was not in that place in is life and adoption was just a thought. I think it meant so much to me also because I too was Micheal. Everyone could of looked at me and thought I was fine but no one knew what my home life was like. A broken home with a addict who's addictions made my world turn upside down. I moved out when I was a senior and a very special woman allowed me to live with her and her daughter. A kind christian woman who let me sleep in her home and I came home to no chaos no worrying at all what it would be like when I got home. I will never forget that 6 months of my life ever!!! I can't even begin to tell you the comfort I had it is indescribable feeling. Some kids just grow up with a Dad and Mom and a safe household I did not. 

I think why this movie makes me cry, have a sense of pride, feel for the Mom and definitely Micheal. I am a product of someone turning on their Blind Side and taking me in even when it may have not been in their plans.

I know we can get caught up in just looking straight  and not turning to our Blind Side but you have NO Idea what an impact or blessing you could be to someone when you do.
There are too many hurting children and adults that we may never know what they are going through, but I challenge you, Take that chance. Give God the reigns to take over if you are scared. Invest in someone you never know what a person is going through until you truly invest in them. If you are that someone who is going through that hard time know there is someone who wants to be there for you. The most important one is God of all creation he loves you know matter WHAT!!

My life has changed and is still changing I know I am where I am due to my path in life.
My hurts, struggles and love made my heart that much stronger and HE guides me though.

2Corinthians 4:6
"Let the Light shine out of Darkness"


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