Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Coming Together as Mommies...

  So there is a big thing that kind of relates you to someone even if you don't know them one thing you might share in common. If you have children it's called Mommyhood.

Being a Mommy it has so many components that go with it. Yes there are books out when you are first Mom but no book can tell you how its going to go when you are a new Mom and even along the way into being a Mother. 

I think as Moms we need to come together instead of dragging each other down. Our stories can relate to someone who is in the same boat and you don't even know it. I truly think that is the only way to help each other as Moms is to be real and share your stories and how you got through it.

This brings me to my next thing a dear friend of mine is starting a book club for Mommies on facebook. It is going to be private and it will be confidential just to the other Moms who are in it also. The book she is doing it on is called 
Hope for the Mom who Needs to Breath
 By, Sarah Mae, Sally Clarkson

This book is for us Moms who love their children to death, but yet cry because things are so crazy. I ordered the book on Amazon it was super easy.
Now you don't have to own the book to join.

Go to the facebook page Langgangloves and pm her and tell her you would like to be part of this.
 She then will add you to the site since it is private.
I encourage you try it. Nothing but hope and support can come from a group like this.

xoxo  Michelle

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