Monday, January 16, 2012

Friends Forever.....


  I am writing about the middles in our family. Tyler and Averee, now they are both five and only nine days apart. When Tyler first came with us it was a transition for everyone including Tyler. 
It hit most for Averee
a boy coming to live in the home who is the same exact age as her. Now that says I am going to check you out and watch everything you do. Oh boy did she! The two were like cats and dogs trying to figure each other out. Averee always micromanaging Tyler and Tyler being very in tolerant of Averee. Well what a 180 there has been in our house. These two are inseparable they are always playing and if you want to know where the other one is "oh" they're with each other. They both sit in the back of the car and let me tell you what a blessing it is to hear Tyler laugh it is the sweetest thing to my ear. Averee is always doing something that he thinks is hilarious. They have a built in best friend. Now everyday is not perfect and they have there moments but I have to say they reached that level that they truly have grown to love each other as brother and sister and friends. They love unconditionally don't care where the other one came from just that they love the other one just because..  Last thing they get in trouble together also just like today for instance they wanted me to see their new trick. Well they went on Tyler's bed and Averee put Tyler on her back and said "they were like Rio the bird and Tyler didn't know how to fly so she was helping him!!" Yes they jumped off the bed with Tyler still on Averee's back... It was all I could do to not scream..

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