Thursday, April 4, 2013

Adoption It effects Everyone....

So we are in a long haul with this adoption process. We have and been through every possible circumstance. But then there is the case we are in now and it is going fast.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought this is the road we would be on. The boys we have will be potentially ours. In two weeks is the parental rights hearing this hearing means that the boys will be freed to adoption and will have no more ties to the parents. It is such a sad thing truly is. Sure it may be a Joy for our family but it is loss for the boys either way you look at it. So on that day when rights are terminated, we have four months til adoption.

Our family is definitely  going through the motions with this process some days are good and some are HARD on everyone. Everyone in this family has had  to adjust to what just happened. We gained half our children overnight. With this being said the honesty in me now will come out in what is going on.

One of our girls is really struggling we have seen a change in her since we lost Tyler and Trent  7 months ago. She misses them terribly and now she has to Trust God more than ever if this process doesn't work.

We are 99.9 % that they will stay but we seen the craziest things happen. I didn't really notice her struggle with the boys now until I talked to someone who talked to me about her and they said they noticed a change in her just recently. She then told me its understandable what your family is going through. So as a Mama I  talked to her right away. So we had one on one time and I took her to ice cream and we talked. She did tell me she is having a hard time and that when she tells the kids at school about her new brothers, this one response she got from another kids just speaks volumes of how our society is. A little kid told her it was not good she had these brothers because now there are too many kids and her parents will forget about her and not think she is special anymore.

 A lot for a little kid to say I thought. I talked to her and told her that the decisions our family makes we will get comments, opinions and people will think its weird. The only one that matters is God and he is so proud of you AVEREE for what you are doing. This statement took such a toll on her but I know it won't be the  last. She has the biggest heart I know and right now she is just trying to figure these little people out and I know she just wants everyone else to accept her family and what we are doing. 

Having these 6 kiddos we are finding balance to who needs what from us. The most impacted thing I told her was these 3 little boys have had no parents or big sisters. What a blessing it is that we can provide that for them. At a very young age my kids are learning that this life doesn't revolve around them and that our lives are to serve and love others. I know this struggle we are going through with her is reasons why people won't do this. If we caudal our children trying to make their world perfect we are doing a disservice to them. Big families just have that much more love and unity and LAUNDRY. So this is us right now I know there will be more things but we TRUST him. If more of us truly TRUSTED God with our lives could you imagine what this world would look like. Just not saying you believe him but truly going out on Faith and living it.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

                                                 Proverbs 3:5

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  1. Michelle,

    I LOVE reading your blog. Please Please Please keep writing about what God is doing in your family as you walk through this adoption process. My husband and are praying very seriously about foster to adopt and it is so encouraging to read your struggles and victories. Blessings on your children. Blessings on your marriage. Blessings on your home.