Monday, April 29, 2013

My First 5k

Trying something you have always been afraid of makes a big difference.
 I was that girl that always said " I can't run its to hard".
 Until the beginning of this year when I decided I was in bad shape and the loss of the boys caused me to gain unnecessary weight from stress eating. I didn't want to keep feeling tired and eating horrible. I took being small for granted and treated my body like crud. Everyone my whole life has told me how little I am or was but on the inside and the outside felt different. So I tried a program called Insanity it kicked my butt. I did the program for the 30 days and got into some great shape but I couldn't watch a video everyday. So I thought I would try running my first run was a half of mile and it felt like 100. The next day I went a little farther and everyday after that.

Realizing I was truly enjoying running weird I know but I do. Until the day I reached 2 miles I literally jumped up and down and Ty was so excited for me. Ty has been my biggest fan he works so close to home so I have been able to go when he comes home for lunch. Him being that close has been a huge help to me being able to run. Also friends and family have taken time to watch the kiddos so I could go run and still do. I have always seen people running marathons 5k and never thought it would be for me. That all changed when my sister in Law and I both signed up for our first 5k. We ran the super hero run supporting Casa who court appointed workers for young kids in the  foster system. Sissy and I aka (Sara) were both so excited and nervous for the run not only because it was our first run but it was up hill. We did the run we both rocked it, there is nothing like running with people for a cause it is the most adrenaline rush ever. Running to the end of the top of the hill to the finish line I cried. Seeing all the family there cheering you on is such a rush. During my whole journey with working out and running I have always admired a friend who has worked really hard to where she is. She didn't settle with being the way she was. Her name is Elisha and if know her already or haven't met her she will make you want to change. Her excitement and attitude towards a healthier life style is contagious. She has been a huge encouragement to me with running and working out. She does laugh at me I know because I have 6 kids she thinks I am crazy. It can be done with 6 kids I am a testament to that I know my husband works close but even if he didn't I would go when I could.Ask to ask that friend family member to watch your kiddos for that 30 minutes or less. I'm telling you people who see you wanting to be healthier and live that way won't say no in being there to help you achieve that.  You have to really want something to do it. Elisha has a blog you can go visit her and see her transformation and what she is up to. Writing this blog isn't to point out what you aren't doing but to encourage you to what you can be doing. I challenge you this week with great weather to eat new healthy thing you haven't wanted to try. Go on a run,walk do some exercises I promise you, you won't regret it . Just think that run, walk or exercise you are already way ahead of that one person who is on the couch. Your body will thank you for it.
At 30 years old I am in the best shape of my life and I know my kids and husband thank me for it, I have way more energy and my moods are so much better and I'm not too tired for them.
Keep me posted and let me know what you tried you can't do anything wrong if you try.

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  1. You are one amazing momma and an inspiration!! I am so so proud of you! Way to show um how it's done! I can feel it the FITNESS bug bit you! It's an amzing outlet to go to and I can't live without those endorphins now! :) You ROCK girlfriend!!!!