Friday, April 19, 2013

Just wait on Him!!!! He knows what he is doing!

I Know I said it in my blogs before the time I will say we are ADOPTING!
Well THE NAPIERS are ADOPTING, not one not two but three precious boys.

Yesterday was the phone call I was waiting for the courts were deciding to terminate parental rights. Which means our boys are orphans to the state but adoptable to our family.

The phone call first came and I was told it would be continued which I wasn't shocked, bummed but it wasn't anything we have been through far worse. Then I found out it was continued to a different time. So it made me stop and just talk with God. I told him whatever his plans were we are still going to take in orphans even if its not supposed to be these boys that I trust him with this whole situation. So I took a nap yes this mama of 6 took a nap while all the other little's slept.

I woke up to the phone it was our county worker and she said " Michelle Termination of rights" I cried I couldn't believe it. I We have been in this process for two years and never have we ever been this far. The first words I heard is just wait on me I told you I knew what I was doing.

God had this all planned everything we have been through the ups the downs the pure HELL.
He knew all along these boys were coming and of course we didn't see it. Now we do my three precious boys who will melt your heart they are very loving and very curious and tend to be naughty at times. We are all going through this process together. They call me "MOMMY and at first everyone was Mommy but not now they are getting to be familiarized that we are Mommy and Daddy and they have 3 sisters who love them like no other. They will be Napiers and will forever be apart of this family. Yes this process was so fast compared to before. But we are done comparing this is NOW  this is our story now and we will be a family of 8. Crazy for me to think I am a Mama to 6 kiddos and I can't even describe the feeling to you. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have 6 kiddos but God did. I got the phone call our case in in adoptions now.

This journey has only started and will get harder and easy at different times but Gods got this in the palm of his hands and we SUBMIT our lives to him. ALL this to the GLORY OF GOD! We don't take any credit for what we are doing because it is through him we are able.

SO yesterday was the day the day we could start fresh we could take our boys to get haircuts.
I was filled with excitement to be able to see their sweet beautiful faces they did so well. Barry the barber was so kind and was patient with them. Here our pics of yesterday.

Psalms 46:10

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