Sunday, November 3, 2013


 This picture was taken last year right after loosing the boys and we were waiting to see what God had for our family. The sign said Napier's and still growing. We grew alright times three. Today we will take our Family pictures and there will be 3 special little boys in it. What a special day to take our family pics which symbolizes so much more.

            Today is a big day to this family and I know to a bunch of others. Today is Orphan Sunday,
We give great notice to the children out there without forever homes to the Orphans who are and who will be. Then we celebrate that there are 3 less orphans, because they are going to be Napier's. I want to shout with Joy that our boys are no longer orphans and in just a short couple months will be apart of our Family. This blog post is so important to me because I truly want to bring awareness to the orphans out there. We aren't that special amazing family who wants to be noticed because we are adopting we want to bring notice that anyone can adopt or foster or come along side the orphans in distress. There are 147 million orphans without homes that is way too many. God specifically calls us to look after orphans and widows. He knew the need that would be out there. As believers we are called to do something not to just sit back and watch things happen. I truly want to encourage you to really pray for these orphans and how you could be of help.  

 If you aren't called to adopt then Foster, if you aren't called to Foster then Sponsor, if you can't Sponsor then volunteer, if you can't volunteer, Donate, if you cant Donate Educate.

There are so many ways to get involved I'm sure you know people who have adopted or are in the process or are just fostering. Today give them a call let them know you are praying for them. Ask how you could be of help see what the needs of the children are or even the parents. When we started this whole process are life was so easy and comfortable. I think back and wonder how did we even grow if we didn't have hardships. A lot of people say to me you are amazing, really I am not. I am a broken Mother who has been healed by God I struggle daily. We doubled the size of children in our home and having 3 before well yes that makes 6. But why wouldn't we our Faith is in God and if he is telling us to look after the orphans how can we say no because we want to stay comfortable? Sure we had all the extra's and distractions and it was AWESOME but it wasn't worth it. Having 3 little boys look me in the eye and call me Mommy and say sissy and Daddy to family that loves them is worth it. Yes you are thinking well I have all those extra's does that make me a bad person? NO it doesn't make you a bad person! . Heck  if you have all those things share with your friends who have decided to give them up for  orphans. We have a couple of friends who have blessed us with great time with our children who wouldn't of got to experience other wise. Not having those things was just a decision we made to be able to adopt. If just one family decides from reading this that they can take in 1 orphan well that is OneLESS  orphan. No we can't all save everyone from everything but if you just did one of something to help with someone it is OneLESS. I don't know everyone's situation or what is going on all I do know is we are all capable of loving and there are plenty of children who want it and need it. Could you imagine what it would be like if you were that stepping stone for a child to have a chance? A warm bed to sleep in a home with 3 meals a day and a normal day. A lot of foster and adoptive children have a hard time adapting in a home with less chaos because that is not what they are used to. I always think of my boys and our previous foster children and how they reacted to calm and consistency it was hard and our boys are just now getting used to it. There are so many agencies out there that you can call and see how you can get involved. Maybe a family in the process needs some items for there new placement, or how you can get involved with helping? I hope you can be encouraged today that you ARE able to LOVE and can help these orphans out there. Today I can say we have 3LESS
but still are no better than anyone we just opened our hearts to LOVE the orphan and so can you by many different ways. There are also two organizations that I love that sponsor some needy children. and . These two organizations help out needy children in other countries. With your sponsorship it provides food, water and other necessities. I encourage you to look them up and see if this is something you are able to do. We have been a part of Compassion now for 12 years and have had the same boy Christian this whole time, you get to send letters and they write back and also get pictures of them too. It has been such a blessing to be apart of the compassion ministry. If anything, after this blog I just ask that would just please pray for the orphans and the ones who will become orphans too. You can email me or message me if you want anymore information. All that we do is to Glorify God none of what we do is about us because we can't do this without him.

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