Thursday, January 30, 2014

No I am not Super Mom, Just Super Crazy!!!

 Oh wow,
 How it has been forever since I have blogged. The last blog was to tell you that we are moving to Az and I am staying back with all 6 kids by myself. What a crazy roller coaster these two and half months have been. Raising 6 kids on your own will do something to you physically and mentally. I have never screamed so much, I have cried enough to fill a bath tub. Eating sometimes doesn't happen because I have to get the next thing going with the day. So then the comments come you look super skinny are doing ok?? More comments you are super Mom how do you do it?  These past couple months go something like this, 2 weeks of the whole family getting the flu. Lots of out of sorts children because life just got a whole lot different. Mom is a little more on edge. Family dog has to go live Gran parents because if Mom has to take care of one more thing she is going to go mental more than she already is. A day with all of them is wake up early enough before them because if I don't something will happen. I don't want  to wake up early because I am so exhausted from the day before. Make everyone breakfast get out 4 sippy cups and if you know about sippy cups it is such tedious work. Clean up breakfast mess because if you know me yes I am that bad Mom and my house is always clean its what makes me feel better. I always laugh when I see that sign that says" you know your a good mom when you have sticky floors, dirty ovens". I am a bad Mom because I can't function with a dirty house. Its my ocd.

After breakfast is all cleaned up and the two oldest are out the door its time to dress the 4 little's which takes forever. my boys skin is so ashy so with dressing all 3 comes teeth brushing, lotion all over and clean face. Then to do their sisters hair which is like Rapunzel hair. then I must make them all sit in my bathroom every time I get ready to watch them. The whole day goes like this repeating its self. Naps is my favorite time of the day. 4 little people are on the same schedule so praise Jesus. My two oldest girls have been a huge help to me these couple of months. Everything I have gone through I think I am crazy for even saying yes to this. Yes to my husband working across state while I raise our kids back home. Have you met me I am not one who would have ever volunteered this. Never was having 6 kids in the cards, I even know how crazy that sounds. But let me tell you what I have learned. God thinks I am able and entrusted me with them.
I doubt myself everyday but I don't doubt what God thinks of me. My kids are forgiving and I have to remember that. I am crazy not Super Mom but I am crazy about doing work for God. Not only did we take in children we took in half of what we already had. There are days when I hit the floor and kick and scream. Then there are other days when I take a deep breathe and think WOW we got through today. This journey has been wild that for sure. Sometimes a conversation with my husband doesn't even happen in the day because its to chaotic. If something can go wrong with the process of the move it has. Changes have happened a lot and I am honest when I say I don't roll with the punches. Just yesterday another mishap with the move. Just goes to to show me I am not in control and to remember who is. Last Sunday getting everyone dressed and ready for first service was a mission. That morning was not pretty although I sat in the seat of the car thinking this isn't me all the Glory goes to God.  Trust me when I say the hardest things you try to stay away from because you don't think you can do it, HE will get you through it. There is no way I could take credit for all that has happened. This blog has a lot of I's in it which brings me to a verse. " I can do all things though Christ who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

So I don't claim to be Super Mom just Super crazy for a God who loves me unconditionally. 

We are one day before we start this journey in Az tomorrow our Boys will adopted that is a whole other blog for another day. Can't believe they will be Napier's. Many of you have followed our journey for these last 3 years. I want to let you know tomorrow is a big day and if you want to see and be apart of something amazing we invite you to come. We have friends and family from all walks of life going to be there. Yes its 15 minutes long but you get to watch 3 boys who will be entered ino a forever family. PM me if you would like to go. Today is also my girls last day of  school where they will say goodbye to teachers and friends they have ever known. Pray for our family as these 2 days will be very emotional and chaotic. We move tomorrow and pack up our whole house and life of all we have ever known.

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  1. Michelle! I cry every time I read your beautiful blog. You are such an inspiration!!! You have dug deep and planted seeds that will change those boys' family trees forever. Thank you for letting people read and share in your journey.