Friday, January 31, 2014

Saying GoodBye to a small Town.

I woke up super early because this post was on my mind all night.

Leaving a small town you grew up in your whole life how do you leave it without saying goodbye and all the memories you have in it. I mean my little town who just got a Starbucks recently and now has more than one stop light. Where your graduating class had no more than maybe 300 kids and you were always guaranteed a train coming through your graduation ceremony and it would be freezing temperatures. My little town where you grow up knowing so many people of all walks of life. If you stayed after high school you made friends with people you went to school with and even the ones you didn't hang out with in high school. My husband and I are high school sweet hearts and never left. Got a small apartment and stayed. This little town you can go to the grocery store and see someone you know 9 out of 10 times and your kids will end up going to school with kids from friends you had in school. Also your kids could end up having the same teacher you did in elementary, now that's when you know your old. (hint me).

But more to this small town is the people who have been apart of our lives.I would have never met some of the very very special people in my life. I know our family is known by many but I know that also from inviting so many people into our lives. If it has steamed from church, school,  facebook, some kind of connection. Many of my readers are people I have hung out with in high school, as an adult and even elementary. With these people also came my teachers, a very special bus driver "Miss Anna", coaches, pastor of our churches.
 Many of you have been over to our house for dinner because I love having people over. If we even lost touch doesn't mean I don't think about you or remember you. I have thrown many bridal and baby showers for lot's of friends of mine in this little town.  Sometimes in a little town someone knows something about you before you do. HA. In a small town comes boyfriends you grew up with. Thankfully they weren't serious just high school, jr high phases and in my case even elmeantary. Some of my best memories are from high school didn't have the best home life but I sure did with my friends in school. I can't believe I am writing this because I thought we would reside here til our kids were old. Now we are headed to a huge city  where we will know very little and probably won't see people we know at the store or  kids at a sporting event. A new church where there is more than 300 people that go. I thought it would be easy to leave this little town but it isn't at all. I am going to miss it and the people in it. I cry as I type because today is an overwhelming day. It is my boys adoption today. Many of you have prayed for our family and if you live in this town know us and seen what we have been through. But today is a special day it marks as our boys "GOTCHA" day and we move today. I know when the Napier's do something they do it crazy. A huge sincere thank you to everyone who reads my blog and has loved on my children and Ty and I. I won't forget about anybody and the  memories they don't fade easy. It has been a wild ride and this town will always be apart of us. Heck they even featured our family in the  towns local magazine. lol not a big deal I know. Keep up with us on my blog as I will continually write and whats going on. Our family is made complete today well almost..... You never know with us.  I do have to share one more thing about this small town is there is no, Costco, walmart, Target, or any chain store. I truly did despise that but towns like that don't really exits anymore. I won't take it for granted that we didn't have them. I am going into culture shock where all those stores are 5 minutes away. I didn't say the name of the small town just for some reasons but if you know you know:)

                                                               Much Blessings
                                                                       Michelle                Romans 8:28

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