Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer as a Family of 8

  Hello everyone I have surely missed blogging and keeping in touch with you all.
  Hope your Summer was eventful, relaxing all at the same time.
 Here is a little recap of what our Summer was like...

Faith got Braces.
                                                            Went camping to Carpenteria
                                                             Won my first 5K
                                                            The boys lost their fear of swimming
                                                                Girls had their dance recidal

                                                          Our Sweet Lola turned 4
                                                                  We celebrated our 12 year
                                                                Spent a week at the Beach House
                                                           We grew out of our Home and Moved
                                                         Went to our First Dodger Game
                                                          Wen Camping to Leo Carillo
We definitely had a eventful summer and with 6 kiddos kind of backwards I know. But with having the six we didn't let that stop us. Sure it was chaotic and a lot of work, it was all worth it because we created MEMORIES as a FAMILY. I think Moving topped the whole cake I mean who does that? We do that's who! Us Napier's sure do live a full blown circus. I must say that moving into our new home in 3 days that should be world record right? Or our OCD really got the best of This year our anniversary trip was the most special trip we have ever been on. The time we surely did not take for granted at all. I woke up one morning on our trip so excited because I knew we had 3 full days to ourselves. We are so thankful to everyone that helped us with that. Watching six kiddos is work so splitting them up between family was perfect 3 and 3.
                      This summer we dealt with set backs to our adoption and it was a very hard time but we TRUST GOD in all of it.Again our girls truly showed us during that hard time what really is important. Our family likes the summer but cant handle no structure. Our kiddos thrive off structure so does this MAMA.. Changes are happening for this family and we are adapting and trusting the whole way. I am happy to be back blogging and  having the summer with the family. I have so many stories and thoughts to share. Glad to be back.
                                                                                  Much Love...

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