Monday, June 24, 2013


 I have wanted to share about my tattoo that I got a couple months back. I know I don't have to  explain or share why I got it but to me it means a lot to me.

People having tattoos makes me curious of why they got them and what they mean to them. You may see someone who looks like they would never have one and then find out they do and it's hiding. Trust me when you look at me you might think she is conservative and would never get a tattoo! I truly felt strong about this marking on my arm because that's what it is a a MARK  that means something in my life. Living recklessly, not about not following rules and doing what I want but living that way for GOD.  To take out all my comforts and my fears and not worry about consequences that might get in the way. So I decided my arm where more people would see it and my self but something someone would hopefully ask me aout and I can share it with them.
Seriously taking a look at me I am far from the cool factor I mean I have six kids and am on way to a passenger van. But this tattoo took me out of my comfort zone something I never thought I would do. I always thought about it  I wouldn't do it. I would think of me at my daughters' weddings in my Mom of the Bride dress with tattoos on my arms and it didn't seem pleasant, but it all changed. 
This MARK will forever be apart of me faded even wrinkly but it means my whole being in life that this life is for God and I will put my best to live that way. The verse Ephesians 2:10, yes it doesn't say anything about being Reckless but the verse fit so well in this mission that we are living and got me through a lot it seemed best fitting.

                   For we are God's handwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God      prepared in advance in advance for us to do.

If you truly belive in him and TRUST him what you go out to do for him will turn out well even if you think it isn't. I am living proof of that.  Now this post isn't on here to say you have to go get a tattoo to make reminders in your life. This one is just one of my MARKS that will be a daily reminder. And  it looks tough right???

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