Friday, September 27, 2013

Hume Lake Marriage retreat fro the weekend...

The beginning of this year we had talked with some friends about going to the upcoming Marriage Retreat at Hume Lake. Well a little after that Ty received an email from his long time friend from there asking if we would like to come as Host couples. Ty and I were thrilled and said yes we would love too.

After rearranging all of our kiddos and you know this is a lot, we were able to have a weekend together in Hume. P.s we couldn't of done it with all the help from our friends and family.

So off we went excited about the weekend and having time together in the car, a rental car mind you. If you know us we have a tiny dinker kia that would probably blow up heading up the huge mountain drive. I probably could get a big Amen from all the couples with kiddos who think alone time in the car is AMAZING... Just the time to be able to talk and be engaged in on another and road snacks is a huge plus that you don't have to share. 

As we got into Hume we were greeted with aroma of strong smelling Pine trees you can't buy that from scentsy its just truly one of Gods gifts. We were part of a Host team that mean's for us to greet couples as they arrive, golf cart them around. Ty was in when they said we get a golf cart for the weekend,although they gave him an electric one he has a past at

We helped with setting up tearing down and however they needed us. It was not work at all just pure Joy to be there. Ty and I ate lunch at there famous snack shop in front of lake and was greeted by an Bald eagle flying around the lake it was breath taking. Never in my life have i seen an eagle only at the zoo.
Hume goes above and beyond they are such a blessing to  Marriages and helping couples to see that God can redeem a marriage. As you check in there were roses for the men to give to there wives and chocolate covered strawberries while you register, HELLO speaking to the ladies with that stuff.

The food was amazing that's all I felt we did was eat. Our friend Chucks wife Sara and her friends did amazing at decorating and putting so much thought into it. They had a smore bar, fresh chocolate chip cookies with ice cold milk at night under white lights with the lake behind you.  I could go on about the white candle lit dinner but you get it.

Saturday night we were greeted with an amazing hail storm while we ate dinner in the hall with huge glass windows looking at the lake. It was absolutely amazing just like a reminder that these mountains and lakes we created by HIM and he was there for sure.

There were couples of all ages young and old there was a couple that just had been married 3 months and another 49 years. Ty and I soaked up everything we could from the speakers, worshiping together during chapel. Ty and I were able to spend quality time together and with some truly great friends of ours. 

This weekend truly helped us see how far we come in our marriage.
 If you don't know Ty and I got married at 19
3 weeks after I graduated  high school.  We were young and not in love with each other like we do now we were in love with the idea of getting married but had no clue what we were walking into. I was a complete mess having to deal with emotional issues from my childhood. A past that Tyler had no clue about. Ty was not  a confident husband and didn't know how to deal with me. If God wasn't BOTH of our focus we would not be here. We have truly grown up with each other falling in love with one another while married I know backwards but that's the truth.

It was emotional for me at times sharing our story with other couples because during this time God helped me see what we have been through and  have overcome and that was so rewarding.

 I always thought Ty was someone who saved me from my crazy life but I now know God placed him in my life as a partner to become closer to God.  

Ty and I are very passionate about marriage and believing in it. We have mentored some young couples along the way because we have been there done that we don't have all the answers all we can do is talk of life experiences and boy do I wish we had that when we were getting married.  

All this to say we aren't perfect but we both want this marriage to be the best it can be and blessed by God. 
 If you are able to ever go to Hume Lakes marriage retreat you will be blessed by it. 
Plus  there is no cell service or internet even better right? 





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