Monday, August 27, 2012

Little ears..

  Music in the car... I always play music in the car in less the kids and I are talking about something or they are watching their dvd player. The music now days it can be filled with so much inappropriate messages and language. I am guilty to the next sometimes with what I listen too.

I usually leave it on our local k-love christian radio the kids and I love it. The songs in themselves our like a personal prayer or struggle that I am dealing with. Worshiping is one of my biggest form of prayers to God.

While Little Tyler was with us he loved listening to K-love he had never heard of that kind of music before. He came from hearing  rap music. When we would be changing the station and that type of music would come on he would always ask us to keep it there. We would always tell him that it wasn't good for him to listen too.

Well that is when it started his love for christian music. He would love to hear what it would say and asked me to always turn it up. I can remember one time singing out loud with him in the car together.
Then there was this one day I will never forget.

This song came on 

Tyler said to me " Mommy this isn't our home hugh? Our home is with God in heaven" I said " You are exactly right Buddy" I cried all the way home with tears of Joy. This little guy has come so far and he gets it!!!! He got it. I still hold on to that day and will forever that he got it. He left our home knowing God will forever be in his heart and this isn't his permanent home wherever he is.. Amen....


  1. I love that song! I hope know your family and Jesus will forever be in little Tylers heart and he will guide his little brother to great things in life!

  2. Thanks Elisha.. That is one of the precious moments I won't forget..