Thursday, August 23, 2012

Faith is 9..

 This little one made me Mommy first. She was the easiest and tiniest
Faith is growing up to be such a sweet spirit. If you know her she is very shy. She loves to play outside, ride her bike and dancing is a passion of hers. 

I am so proud of of the little person she is becoming. She was made to be the first born because let me tell you she is the most amazing older sister. Her compassionate heart has inspired me along the way. When our family grew from 3 to 5 over night Faith was my side helper all the time. Her heart is big and loves to help out with little ones. She is going to make a fantastic baby sitter for you Mommies with little ones down the way..hint hint..

She wants to do right, and her love for God is abundant. Faith is her own person and and I am so grateful for her. Just yesterday Faith won and made into her student Council to run for a class representative. She made a speech and had to say it in front of her class. I could never do that at her age. She makes me so proud of her for willingness to put her self out there.

Today is a day that embarked my journey into Mommyhood for that I am so blessed. Faith has made her name to the meaning for sure it fits her so perfect in every way.

Happy Birthday Sweet FAITHIE...

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