Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting through the Storm

Ugh... The Storm who wants to being going through that? We live this life hoping to never go through one or even experience it. Why would we right?

Now why do we do that? Want to live this life with no pains or misery when we know God has the ultimate plan for our lives. I mean if you are a Christ Follower you Trust Him. Yet when you are in the Storm you ask to get out or never go through it. We are only Human that's why! When we pray we  ask for blessings and healing, and in our case the boys not leaving our home.

With our adoption process being the craziest storm we have gone through in one year I can look at that and say someone has had it worse. God brought us to our storm which was different then someone else. Yet when you're going through yours you think there is no possible way it can be worse than what I am going through. So how do we know that when you pray or ask for blessing for someone they have to go through a storm to be blessed. I know with what our family has been through it would be like we are scarred for life and would be in a black hole. I actually talked with our adoption worker and she said "Our cases have been the craziest cases they have ever gone through". Even they didn't know how to handle it. I am not saying that you are a bad person if you don't pray and ask to go through a storm, just know we aren't exempt to go through one. Now you may live this life and never experience any type of storm. Yet for me it is hard to believe and you should be kind of worried if God never brought you to one. God boasted about how we come to him when everything says we shouldn't.
Beth Moore once said

 "God doesn't Lie so his boast are always based on truth. He permits and sometimes dictates difficulty for those in whom He boast so that they will PROVE what he already knows is true. The Lord does not put us to the test that He knows in advance we don't have the wherewithal to pass. How we ever know what he's accomplished in us if he doesn't show us? And how will Satan otherwise be proved a liar in our eyes?."

In your life what ever you go through or may even be going through make Satan a Liar and God be the truth. WE can choose how we react through our storms. I choose to get out of bed and be the wife and Mommy to my little girls. I choose JOY. Trust me I have bad days I also know God gave us tears and I use them.. Trust me. I am just trying to say I have been there and when you are at the bottom of that black hole God is on top with his hand coming down to lift you out, because he was sitting right there when you fell in and never left and won't!!! Just allow him to grab your hand and bring you out because if you don't he can't get you out. I am Hopeful for what is ahead for our Family and the little ones God is preparing for us.

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