Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One MonthToday..


                   Have you ever seen a movie that you think wow I have been there, I get the movie.
 Well The Odd Life of Timothy Green, All I can say is GREAT..
I know everyone has their opinions on movies but this movie was so well written.It didn't Hollywood the script . I mean a little maybe a kid coming from the garden I get it. The writing of this movie had so much more than that. We took our girls to go see it and thought it looked cute and fun to go as a family. What was to come about we did not expect at all. It was like this movie was meant for our family to see. We just experienced everything they went through with different terms and circumstances. A family though who deals with loss but not really. A son they so hoped for and wanted. I won't give the movie away but you have to go see it. This little boy gave everyone such a positive change in there lives even when they didn't think it wasn't a blessing when truly that is why he was there. He allowed his parents to see what they were capable of doing. 

Goes without saying Tyler and I held our hands so tight and wiping from our eyes over and over. This movie truly touched our hearts because we had Timothy except his name was Tyler and he shined brightly and left a blessing to everyone he met. His little brother Trent allowed people to love the loveless. Today has been one month since I had to say goodbye our boys. I MISS them more than you could imagine. Tonight at dinner we all went around saying our favorite memories of the boys were. 
Averee shared her favorite memory was holding Trent and having Tyler get to be in her kindergarten class.
Faiths memory was knowing when Trent would cry she would just have to pick him up and he would smile at her and stop, and the way Tyler made her laugh.
Lola's memory, not like she knew what we meant she said I love my brothers.
My memory was hearing Trent baby talk it was so sweet and Tyler had the best laugh it made me smile from ear to ear hearing it. 
Tyler's memory was when he would get Trent out of his crib he would kick his legs and smile at him and the way Tyler would jump on him when he got home from work. The way he would say "Sup Daddy".
 Tears are falling from my face as how I wish I could say this is just an everyday thing. 
Not a memory we talk about at dinner because they aren't here.
But today I say this
Thank you God for those memories to have. For we are better to have had our boys then to have never had them at all. These boys showed our family how we are capable to love and do things we never thought we could do as a family. I really recommend to see the movie and bring tissue. You will see why it was meant for our family. This was a good time for all of us to see it.

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