Friday, July 6, 2012

Are you Comfortable??

Being comfortable, not comfortable like on a couch relaxing comfortable. Is your life comfortable?
Everything Possible with God

I mean do you step out if your life is comfortable? Where you live, what kind of job you have how far do you go out?

 This is a question I wonder for so many reasons does being comfortable allow God to work in our lives.Getting out of your comfort zone and he will work. I never have been someone who has done well with being comfortable, meaning I don't grow. God calls everyone to something it is just if your willing to not be comfortable anymore. That includes how many different changes have gone in your life that you didn't plan for? Right here!! My hand is raised!!! Our lives have changed big time and it is for the better. Even after everything we are enduring at this moment. I want to allow God to work in us even if that means we get uncomfortable.

Step out and allow God to get you out of that safe zone because he will use you. He doesn't call you let you fail. Just because we have our lives one way, does not mean that is in his way.

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