Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am Thankful for this week...

If you have been following my blog you know what this week is.
Friday is the day we have court for our adoption process.It has been a process that is for sure. I never thought we would be faced with this kind of week at all. But with this process anything can happen. 

I have a hope and peace this week believe it or not. I am not stressful or crying all the time I am finding what to be Thankful for and Joy within my days. I am so Thankful for having these boys in our home and lives and that we have been able to bring them into a loving Christ centered home. I find Joy when I get to experience things with them and get to see them smile. I am Thankful for the Love and acceptance it has taught my children through this journey. They will forever be changed and we will be also.

I have learned so much about myself along the way how much I rely on God and how he gives me a peace in hope through it all.

Your probably thinking how can you even be going through it ok? We are and we do it with being selfless because we don't know God's ultimate plan. If his ultimate plan is for them to go back then we have to know that is his plan. If they stay with us that is part of his plan well it's not over.

We will take in these two lives and and be a servant to their well being.We are still servants if they go. 

We have a Hope for our future just like we do the boys. God has showed us so many things along the way. Our family is going to be going through some big changes and we are excited and relying on God's direction.

This week I wake up and say Thank you God for that one more day with them. That is one more day to love and cherish them.

In your most trying times in life give it to God and don't worry because worrying tells God he isn't big enough to handle it. Don't get me wrong I will cry if goes a certain way I am human and have tears for a reason but I will not question it, because it isn't my right to ask why? I have learned that through are last journey.


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