Friday, July 13, 2012

In that Moment...

Today was the hardest day yet we thought we were facing. We woke up prepared as we ever were. I woke up with knots and Tyler silent this morning.

The kids oh they are just kids and so innocent they knew what today was yet they could carry on and be themselves. Laughing and running around at 6:30 mind you. I so admired them they truly showed me 
to relax and just breathe.

We said goodbyes and I wanted my kisses to the boys to be like any other time I kiss them and just think
I will see them when we get back and cuddle them and not think of anything else. So we were off the longest drive in the world neither Ty and I having much to say respecting each others mood.

Were here that place..That place that so reminds you of what is really about to happen and the things around that you see that breaks your heart. At this time I am in line and praying God be with me and please let me be the light and not take in the bitterness surrounding me.

We felt like we had been sitting for hours and then it was our turn. I walked with Ty taking my deep breathe saying "Ok God your in control and always have been".

We sit down and I am holding Ty's hand as tight as I can then in 2 minutes we hear continued to a couple of weeks. What?? Don't get me wrong that is great it is more time with the boys if anything goes different. But we were ready and wanted to know what was going to happen.

So Today I am Thankful
I am Thankful that they are with us and safe. I am thankful that we get to have our boys with us on a very special time the BEACH HOUSE. If you know our family then you know we do it every year for a week and last year 5 days before Elijah was sent right before. 
 We have to go through this again August 2 and there will be a decision made.

We are Hopeful and so scared at the same time. Seeing what your children could potentially be going to is hard especially when you know its not safe. I am not Judging I am having discernment if any Mother saw what I saw today you would not even question. 

So from the bottom of my heart I truly appreciate you who follows our blog and prays with our family.
Also pray for the others involved that they find Jesus. 


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