Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18th Forever Changed....

It seems like just yesterday we went through the motions.The motions of Elijah leaving..

WOW it was a hard day but I can say we have been forever changed. God showed us some mighty things. He was preparing our hearts for what was ahead. What we are going through now is definitely not easy but we are going to get through it. We were so new to the process and didn't even know what to expect. I know from other people Elijah is doing well and that means so much for us.

We know nothing is a guarantee and even if we think no one is watching what we are doing with these children. The one most important one see's God! He see's it all he see's us caring for those orphans and living the mission. We aren't perfect but being perfected through Christ.

This day we won't mourn but be glad in him that he chose us to take care of that little precious Elijah.

Trust me at the time of all of this I couldn't see it this way but God's mercy is abundant. Even if we feel like we are going to loose it he is right there holding on.

But here is the kicker you have to allow him to hold on. You can't get through it with out him.

Our family is going through some big changes and will continue to be. God knows our hearts and we have treasures waiting for us. Even if it's
is not where we think they are.

Matthew 6:21
For where your treasure is,there is your heart also.

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