Friday, May 25, 2012

Around the Dinner Table..

  Dinner time.. I don't know about you but for our family dinner time is a big deal in our house. Not only is everyone starving by that time, but everybody knows that is the time everyone gets to be heard..

Hi's and Lows and How you served the Lord that day?
That is the question and topic at dinner that everyone is so excited to hear about and share. All the kids think  about it and Lola says the same thing every night. Her Hi is spending the day with Mommy her low is taking a nap and how she served the Lord that day, She didn't say "Poopo, pee pee, or ca ca" But boy does she love to say it at She Say's that because sometimes she gets carried away with yucky talk and I tell her that Jesus doesn't like her to talk like that so there you go. It is the best way to hear about every one's day and to hold them accountable on how they can serve the Lord that day.
Well last night was different it was Ty's idea to go around the table to say Word's of encouragement about everyone. So everyone had to say something they liked about that person. It was the greatest thing ever to watch as a Mommy to hear what your little ones think about each other. Things were said like, your kind to me, "I like when you play with me", the way you get my stuff for me". Then a little boy in the sweetest voice who had the hardest time with this not because he didn't have nice things to share but probably has never done anything like this. He looked me in the eye and said "You are the nicest mommy in the whole world" I lost it. I sat there and thought everything he has gone through all he knows right now at this moment is the consistency of Love shown to him.He knows how it truly should be with how people are to there kids and how a family acts to one another.
So after dinner I truly reflected on our dinner time and how truly precious it is and how much eating together as a family means to our kids. Sit together as a family at dinner and hold hands and pray because in that moment you see how truly blessed you are. Kids thrive off consistency.

This last supper table I call it was the best purchase we ever made seats 13 and the more the merrier.

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  1. Hey!! This all sounds very familiar...and the table even looks similar :) good job guys!!