Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time Out's for Mommies

 As I am finally sitting down during the day and using my new little notebook laptop my husband got for me for my birthday. I take in a deep breath of I needed to stop and sit down. Doing what is a a normal every day thing of getting snacks, changing diapers, feeding babies, taking dropping off to school, folding laundry.. I loathe laundry if you wanted to to really know!! Getting things out for dinner that day, putting dishes away in the dishwasher from starting it the night before because that is an everyday thing. These are just the things of everyday that goes on, and I'm sure for a lot of Moms. I am drowned out of the words Mommy this Mommy that? A baby that is crying in the background and I am truly surprised that I am not in a stray jacket. I am kind of at peace with it all. Crazy I know but I know it is all God and he prepares me through it all. I find that me taking time for my self if that means 20 minutes whatever I am doing and give my self a time out, it let's me truly reflect what is going on around me. My kids know when I need that time I tell them that when I am done they can ask me for whatever it is they wanted at that time. I think it also helps them with knowing they aren't the center of the universe and that is good for kids to know. Kids grow up these day to entitlement because that is what they are used to. No Mom should feel guilty for taking time for herself it helps her in the end she is better for it. I can't say I do this everyday but should, it is just a good reminder to let know to take care of my self.

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