Tuesday, May 15, 2012

30 and Blessed

 Well I will tell you I can't believe I am 30 it doesn't feel real. I still feel like I am 21 and I wish...lol But with age comes so much growing. Growing in my walk of life and truly realizing the type of woman I am. A blessed woman that is a fact even  during the hardest times in my life I didn't think they were blessings. I am married to my best friend who I am so grateful to be in love with who is on this crazy journey of life with me. My kids are growing up to be such children of God and for that make me so proud because that's letting me know I am doing something right. I know I can't predict there future and how they will turn out I just pray that I make wise choices in parenting them, and for God to lead the way. I have truly been blessed with some of the most amazing friendships a girl could ask for. God has put so many people in my life that truly bless me. I have always struggled with trying to find close friends and as I have gotten older I have formed some of the strongest friendships. People who are a part of our lives that are very dear to me. Starting on April 15th a friend of mine who I love dearly started this thing called Michelle's count down to 30 so for 30 days I have been blessed by a friend each day via text, or dropped by with lunch, a gift telling me what I mean to them or childhood friend driving a couple of hours just to drop by and spend time with me surprising me. My dear friend who started this I won't say who because that's just the type of person she is she wouldn't want me to make a big deal about her. She did the most amazing thing for me at the time I surely could of used it most... In this journey we can get lost and feel like no one is watching when in fact they have been there the whole time it is just that you get too side track to notice. You know someone said once "When God knows you have a need there is someway or someone he is going to use to meet it.  I am truly grateful for everyone God has placed in my life who is coming and going and who I haven't even met yet. So yes at 30 I can say I am a Woman of God, Wife, Mother of 5...sheesh never thought I would say that..lol sister , daughter, and friend. To everyone who is apart of our lives I am so thankful to God for you::)

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