Monday, April 6, 2015

Not 50/50 but 100/100

You know those puppy commercials that when they call out for dinner time they all rush in? 
Well that is the Napier house on Sunday Mornings when you say "let's get ready it is time for breakfast and church!" We have early risers aren't we lucky? Our kids don't ever sleep in and it is not like we have babies we have older children. It is like they have morning meetings while Ty and I are sleeping to see who can get up the earliest. Now my post reads 100/100 because that is how our marriage works and has to with raising a full blown NUT House. I posted a pic yesterday of the kids dressed nice and hair done even three girls hair curled before church and we go to first service.

This is how we do it,
 I am married to a man who likes to get up early, and no way do I share that with him.
So by the time I get out of bed breakfast is already made for 6 hungry savages.
Then I get up to get the kids clothes out because he can't be trusted, and I am way too much of a control freak about it.  Surprise you already must  have known that. We both work as a team tackling our morning. He always lets me get ready and is usually waiting for me very last. You want to know the big ticker how it all works, Ty blow drys my hair while I am curling three girls at a time. Yep that is right he totally helps me because it takes me 25 minutes to do that. And I am able to do my girls hair too. You may say "Why would he do that?" Well the boys are done getting ready and  by this time has the whole house cleaned and is waiting for us girls. SO it just works that way sometimes. It's not every Sunday because every Sunday I do not curl hair. Plus Ty would not be into that every Sunday he does it for the team.  But all to say Ty is the reason for me that things can run smoothly and we can be somewhere on time. I had to do it by myself for two and half months and now four days a week. But I am so thankful for Ty who is the best team mate and knows how much work goes into raising our crew. When we had our adoption interview for our boys we were asked "How come you want 6?" Great question I still don't know sometimes! But I replied, Ty is the reason I can say we can take in these three boys because he gives 100% to his family and to this journey. She then said "OK because we are having a hard time placing all three together." Obviously they are having a hard time placing 3 toddler boys together that is a sign up for CRAZY which we said "Yes" to. And boy am I glad we did. I would  not want our mornings filled without crying, screaming, laughing any other way. It is a reminder on the daily that God is working in me and family by the minute. 

But to the Mom who says "How do you get them all ready and dressed with six?" I say the same way you do it, I cry and kick and scream along the way too trying to survive the tornado we just went through to get ready. Pictures don't define our family truly getting to know us will for you. If you dare want to come over and spend time with these crazies. And remember you asked how we get ready for church to be there at the first service and that is how we roll.

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