Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Evil Creeps In...

  • When things get rough around here they really get rough. Our family is now adjusting after two years being a unit of eight. Six kids different personalities and two parents trying to stay a float in all areas they are given. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever know how hard parenting would be and adoption for that matter. Many times Ty and I say: "We make a Good team" but wow does our team lose often. Just this past week Evil has creeped in our home and taken over. It started by a very angry child who was very disrespectful to Ty and I. Threw some major fits all in front of their friends. Needless to say it did not go well, I felt defeated. Tyler was at a loss for what just happened. This child was saved by having friends over to what really could have taken place. It is so amazing how much our kids can dictate our whole moods. So the day went on and this child still was having an awful day. We then left later to a game for one of the kids and games are not the easiest to watch. One child is playing the sport and the other five are being wrangled up constantly like a herd of sheep.  Dad helps out the coach so I am always trying to get glimpse of my kid playing while hoping one child isn't eating a strangers food or leaving in the parking lot. After a really long day and game we had the quietest ride home. Ty and I were so ready for the day to be over we were both done. So after both of us saying we did not eat dinner, a child walking to the bathroom manages to fall and split his head wide open at nine at night. Ty made one look at it, got shoes for the both of them and they were out the door with no good bye or anything. I knew at that moment this day really was not a good one. And just to give a glimpse we do not live close to the nearest hospital it is 20 minutes away and yes to us that is long. The girls were fighting who would get in the shower and ugly to each other. I could only imagine my girls being nice to each other when the word go take a shower is said. Then the screaming starts "Mommy" the toilet is overflowing!"  I don't do toilets that's Ty's thing, if its a thing?
Doesn't the Evil that has taken over my home know I could not take on one more thing? So thankfully I knew what I was doing and managed to fix the toliet. Defenitley went to bed defeated and Ty was gone for a while with the clumsy child. This will be his second set of stitches in his head. The weekend was still overwhelming. Two kids came down with strep throat one with a viral infection. Waited at the Dr's for 2 1/2 hours. So we decided to run errands instead, where my son managed to pee all over the floor at the Apple store. He then threw his nasty bandaid covering his owie at the employee. I can't make this stuff up. Thank goodness my Mom was able to manage the fort and pick up from bus stop and make cupcakes for the class for someones birthday. Also another grandparent took one to dance and did homework with another. (THANKFUL) Ty wasn't able to come home becasue he had a work meeting and the day was already so long and kids were sick and super grumpy. He got home really late and looked at me and just kneeled next to my bed and prayed. He prayed for this Evil that has taken up our home to be gone because it is wearing us out. My Pastor told me once "I pray for you guys a lot." I wonder why? This life is hard and nuts and full of stories and events in the Napier Casa.
But isn't this story I just told one you already experienced this week or sometime,  just maybe a different version? We aren't a cookie cutter family that is for sure. When our door closes we experience it all, the good, bad and the ugly. Evil doesn't skip us and I know it doesn't for everyone else too. So fight the good fight during the rough seasons, because thats why it is a season. It doesn't last forever and "THE JOY COMES IN THE MORNING" These are just stories and they may seem small but they are hard stuff in the midst of life and a big family. Would you be praying for our family as we enter a new stage, "counseling". Yep I said the word counseling the one everyone thinks you are weak if you do it or say it. We have now come to a point with one of our children and feel its best and I myself have got the best help through counseling. You know I try to be transparent through my blogs. So this is us the Napier crew going through some hard stuff. These past 4 years have rocked our world and we are getting through the hard all together as a family. We are all just a bunch of nuts trying to not crack.


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