Monday, February 2, 2015

Braving your " New Normal "

What does "Braving your New Normal" look like? So many things can top the list for so many. It just isn't narrowed to one certain thing. Lately it has had me thinking after talks with friends and a
New year starting what it looks like for so many of you. Nobody can define what Normal really  is because it is different to everyone.

 What my Normal looks like Trust me, probably doesn't want to be someones  normal..aka 6 kids. I want to say I admire so many of you who choose to be BRAVE to your "NEW NORMAL" or even your normal because that's the way its always been. Keep on being BRAVE my friends because their is a GOD who makes you BRAVE and gives you that strength when you think you just can't.

I think of a dear friend what her "Braving New Normal" looks like, 
 Her's is becoming a widow and so many strengths she has had to have with that. She now has to handle life differently not only for herself but now for her children.
She tells me "she gets tired of putting on a face and it is just plain hard sometimes".
 Yet she doesn't see how her story and how she handles to see herself impacts so many.
 She chooses to get up and out of bed to take on the day. To take on the day, none the less, with a smile on her face "always." I could promise you that she would never wish anyone having to "Brave that kind of  "Normal."
My heart aches for her yet I look into her eyes and she my friends is one BRAVE woman. She chooses to Brave the "New Normal" even though it is tough. I am so thankful for all she has taught me over the years. She has taught me more about Bravery than she knows.
And God keeps placing her into my life, and friends that is no mistake!

This song gets me every time... I remember hearing it after losing my Grandma and it spoke volumes to me. Hope you can take the time to listen to it.

"Braving the New Normal" for another sweet friend comes in the form in a 6 letter word no one wants to hear. She is wife, mother, friend and her "New Normal"  will start looking a whole lot different. She tells me "I am scared what my New Normal will be like" She also is one 
 BRAVE woman.  She too doesn't realize how her Bravery has impacted so many.
  She Braves the day knowing there is a long road ahead of her, and she TRUST in the one who calls her "Daughter". 

 My "New Normal" looks a lot different than it did from a year ago. I am now am limiting what I do and take on. I never really experienced being overwhelmed like I do now. I now set boundaries and  I didn't before. I am not able to do all the  things I did before.  I admittedly now say "NO I am not able to do that", rather than say "YES I can do it all". With "Braving your New Normal" it is very hard to not go back to what it used to be like, good and bad. All circumstances lead us to our "New Normals"

Sometimes we don't want to accept our "New Normals" because we thought  how our lives were before was just fine, but not always. Some cases we are ready to begin the "New Normal" because the past was a hard road.

We have to truly believe down to the core, that God has this
 "New Normal" down to the core and it all works according to his plan.

My family had a small taste of what our "New Normal" could of been like away from our family
and something never settled right for us. I had long talks with people who I respect to speak truth into my life about wanting to move back home. Some agreed some didn't but that is ok. God knew our hearts the whole time and he opened a door for us to be back home. But here is the thing, it is a "New Normal" to us being back home. Because things aren't the way they were when we left, so many  different changes already but that is only growing our family.
So what does "Braving your New Normal look like?  And the ones who you have around you or see "Braving" it let them know, encouragement goes a long way.

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