Monday, November 5, 2012

This was a big deal for our Family.

 Family Pictures I mean everyone seems to take them. Its that time of year when Family's start to make appointments with their local photographer. I mean Christmas is right around the corner and you want to have your pics done by Christmas. Our Family has never had professional photo's done we have had family pictures where a friend or family member took them with there camera but never have we had professional pictures done. With our process of pursuing adopting I have also held it off because I wanted to be able to have whoever we had in our family in the pictures. After losing Elijah I held it off because I knew we still wanted more. Than we got the boys and I thought Ok I really want them done but we can't take them yet not until adoption is final than we will. So we had our friends last Christmas take a really fast picture of us in our backyard and we were good with that. I would always see family pictures and say I can't wait to do that.

Then it came time the boys are now gone and we didn't get to point with the adoption and no family pictures with them in it what I had been longing for, I had already thought ways we would take them and how they would all look.

So Finally I made the decision we will do Family pictures and we will capture our right now moment even if that meant they we would not have them in the pictures. So I cried  telling my husband and I told him I'm ready lets get Family pictures. So we did and here they are.........

 I know everyone gets pictures done our family pictures tell a story of God's Glory.
We can overcome the darkness and even though the picture may not have who I wanted in it It has who's is supposed to be in it RIGHT NOW! This is the Napier family yes you walked through the hardest darkest times of our lives but we prevail and we can't wait to see who gets to be in our next FAMILY photo...


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  1. awww!! You posted them!!!! I had so much fun with you and feel blessed to have been able to be apart of it!!! Your family inspires me Michelle!! Much love to all of you!!! <3