Wednesday, November 14, 2012

He made us in every detail to work according to his will! ll!

Do you remember when you were saved? That time in your life when you asked God to be your personal savior and accept in to your heart?

 I remember I was just a little girl went to a christian school and they asked us in class if we wanted to make that choice. I will never forget my teacher coming to pray with me. I fully didn't quite understand all of it but it sure sounded good and this God wanted only but the best for me. I lived my life like anyone else around me friends, sports raised by a single Dad. So maybe everything wasn't the same but I thought it was during that time. Not until my senior year in High school when I went on missions trip to Mexico did I truly vow and give my life to the Lord. I will never forget being in the poorest of poorest town and the people were so kind and generous. I was with Ty my boyfriend at the time not husband  and our friend Tim and Lindsey and we were talking to the Pastor of the church there Tim told him he liked his sweater and he took it off and gave it to him. No questions just gave it to him. Your thinking no big deal, but to see this man who had nothing him and his family lived in one square cement building with living off maybe 5 dollars a week. Had such a givers heart.

This has stuck with me and always had me thinking. Just because we give our lives to God and become a Christian doesn't mean we will live a perfect life and never go through trials or destined to live an extravagant life. It means we will go through it and have the Holy Spirit and Grace with us. The Pastor had no reason to give Tim his sweater yet he had the Love for Jesus and no other will in his heart but to love on people and serve. This Pastors life was destined for him even if that meant he and his family lived off 5 dollars in cement home this life for that Pastor does not mean God loves him any less just that he was who God wanted to be in that little Mexico Town.

Now to get why I shared this story we are all going to go through something in our lives that are some major Trials. Just following our Family you would see we aren't exempt even following a calling God had on our lives. But it brings me to think of what comes out of that Trial that matters most? Now I am not putting any hurt or suffering that someone has gone through any less of what it really was. I just know from what I have seen from what people have gone through what they turn around and do with it meaning BLESSING someone because of what they went through. I think of non profits or fund raisers all of that is to bless someone else in need because of what they maybe had to experience.  I am thinking of a friend who went through what no mom should never have to go through and loose a child. My heart hurts for her and her family because that is a pain unless you have gone through it you wouldn't know. But I think of what her and her Husband did. They turned around and blessed so many families and children in the Hospitals after the loss of their child. Now I don't why they did it but I bet you it was sparked from what they just went through. So this makes me think Does God turn our Losses or what we go through in life so we will turn into Blessing someone else who needs it? Right now I am able to something for a friend that I would never be able to do of my boys were here. People see me doing it and they think I am crazy. But Isn't this life for us to Bless and serve others? Trust me I would never want to go through what are family did but I look at right now what I am able to do for someone else. The families that were touched by my friends family might of never been touched if they hadn't went through what they did. Be a Blessing you don't have to go through a trial to be one. Bless someone today even if that means a simple meal, a phone call, paying for someones starbucks in front of you. There is always a way to bless someone especially during this time of year. Remember this life isn't yours to please yourself its about Loving God and Loving Others....

                   Ephesians 1:11  In Him we have obtained an inheritance,having been predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things according to his will.

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