Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Caught off Guard!

 Well yesterday was an emotional day. I got a phone call from a Koinia social worker saying she had placement! Now if you don't know what that means she needed a home for 2 babies a 19th month old and a 8 month old. During this conversation I was so nervous because I knew this was coming but I was not expecting it so soon. But I do have to say someone who's been like a mentor for me during this told me the calls are going to start coming.  I just didn't think right now. After the social worker told me the situation I had to say no and that is the hardest part of this journey.  I had to say no to 2 babies that needed someone and we couldn't be that someone. Now yesterday I had struggled all day because as a Mom you think oh babies let me save them and I will love them, but in real hie sight they just sometimes aren't what God want's you to say yes to. That is the big kicker to this what does he want us to say yes to? We know this is what comes of signing up for this and we are as ready as we are ever going to be and our prayer is now we take it case by case and God leads those unreached babies to our family who he knows even if we don't have it in our minds that would be the best for this Napier Family! Someone told me you may say that you don't need anymore girl's or even boy's but how do you know they aren't needing you! Wow!!

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  1. Your baby (or babies) are out there. They may not even be born yet! The best prayer right now is for peace for you and your family, and protection for the babes. B and I are especially praying for your peace and for you and T to know together when it is right.