Monday, June 6, 2011

Ring Ring Ring on the telephone.....

 Well it happened we got the call today at 12:30. Ty was home from lunch and we were talking about our weekend getaway trip planned for our 10 year anniversary. We got an amazing deal at the St Regis on Monarch beach and if you know that hotel, it is not for the middle class folks. We just got an amazing deal from a friend's sister. We talked about how excited we were to have time by ourselves since it has been over 3 years since we have been away from our kids. The phone rings and Ty puts it on speaker it is Koinia they have placement for a 12 week old little boy. He is very little 11 pounds he had surgery last month and had a problem to failure to thrive. He had surgery to correct a gastric problem because he projectiles his formula. He was born March 9th and they have been looking for placement for about a couple weeks. His social worker was looking for a home for him and  talked to a social worker in the office and they had small talk and his social worker just said I am looking for a home for this baby. Well then the social worker who knows us but isn't our social worker told her that she knew of a family. The timing was amazing in the scents that Ty was home and we got to experience the call together after hearing all about him over the phone. Ty's and my eye's met and we didn't even to speak of what needed to be said "Yes" I told her we will take him. Ty's eyes watered and I got goosebumps. I hung up the phone and you would think first to hug him but instead I went to the kitchen counter because in the midst of the phone call Ty got so excited and and squirrelly and spilt my lemonade all over the kitchen counter and floor, only I think I was such in shock that I didn't know what to do high five Ty hug him or clean up the mess. Well obviously we hugged and we both forgot about this amazing trip we had planned for our 10 year and realized we are going to be doing something so much better!God has revealed to us that what is so important that vacations come and go but Family time is so precious and we are going to embark on some very precious times in a couple days. So I can say that for our 10 year anniversary nothing could be so greater than being married to an amazing Man of God and three beautiful girls and a son that God has picked out just for our family! Now with this things can change and we know that for right now our faith is revealed that we are relying on God the whole way through. I will keep everyone posted..

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