Thursday, May 19, 2011


I wanted to start a blog for myself and to share with others that there are big changes in the Napier family. My husband Tyler and I have been married for 10 years. We are high school sweethearts and have three beautiful girls. Faith is seven and will be eight in August. Averee just turned 5 and Lola will be 2 in June. I am a stay at home Mom and wouldn't trade what I do for anything in this world. God comes first in our family! My husband and I worked with youth for 7 years and it was an amazing part of our lives and it showed us a lot. Just in recent time we had a huge change. A while after our last daughter was born Ty and I decided we were done having kids so Ty the brave soul he is took care of that and we embarked to have our family of 5. I would always tell someone when they would ask "oh yes we are so done!!" I would say I can't wait to be that couple that gets to sit around the campfire and watch the kids take care of themselves instead of chasing them around the whole time. We figured we are 28, 3 kids we are done. Well a year and a half of that, boy did God laugh and change our hearts. Ty and I went through some changes in our walk wanting to be closer and serve the the Lord. We started a new church after being at our home church for 7 years and was that the most hardest thing to do. When you leave a church you have reasons or maybe a dislike we had neither of those. We just knew God was calling us to something else. Ty and I started this book called Crazy love and if you have never read it oh boy check it out! It hit Ty and I like a ton of bricks in an amazing way. During this time something  just felt like we were missing and I could not quite get it. I have always brought up the idea to Ty that we should adopt. He would just look at me and kind of let it go. Well that went on for a year or two during all are other kids. Well a couple months ago it became so clear what was missing in our walk with God and where our hearts needed to be. The adopting thought was coming back to my mind. Now before I let this all go because like I said Ty and I said "we were done!!!" It was so clear to me, how could Ty and I say we were done. God did not have this in his PLAN! It was put on our hearts to expand our family and to show God's love to another. This was a lot for us to to take in because this was not part of our plan. We made the call and set out for sail we our now so close to almost done and our getting to start an adventure and walking the plank with the biggest gulp of Faith because there is no other way to go about this. We are doing "fost to adopt" so that means we will take in a baby or babies considering situations the babies come with. These babies come from the darkest places of life, and if you do not have  faith or God you can easily want to back out. We are not going to do that. We are having no expectations and seeing what God has for us. For our three girls they are beyond excited they have such great questions and know that our family is going to grow just not from Mommies belly. I just want them to know what God's love is and how to show it. We aren't doing this for the look at us and we are better than you because we are so not!

 We are doing this because this is what we were called to do!       

Let me share how God works to! About a month or two ago we were headed out of Costco and on the corner was this man with a sign and my youngest daughter said "Mommy he needs money" So I looked up and his sign said shoes or shirt please. So I asked him what size shoe he wore because I was just going to give him Tyler's well he said a size 12 and if you know Ty he has girl feet. lol  Then the man proceeded to say he found shoes in the bushes and he was alright. Well as we drove away I told Ty turn around we need to back to Costco and buy him some shoes. The man was leaving and we tracked him down and said stop! We would like to buy you shoes well he said no we were a young family and we did not need to do that. Well we said yes we do so please wait here. So Ty went into Costco got the shoes and a shirt. We pulled out of Costco and the man was right there waiting. His name was Mark he is 55 years old and told Ty I can't accept these shoes... "I am a meth addict." Ty said I don't care what you do please take the shoes. Well he cried and said thank you so much. The he said to Ty you must be a Christian and Ty said yeah I am. Well Ty got talking with him and 2 days before he found out he has leukemia and he was in some pain. He told Ty he can't shake his habit because it is the only thing that lets him forget his pain. Ty prayed with him and my youngest daughter got to witness the whole thing and see what her Dad was doing. Well Mark came up to the car and told me please know that I am going to have one night that I sleep well knowing that I have a brand new pair of shoes and someone loves me. He looked at my girls and said Jesus loves you they were not frightened of him at all and  they smiled and talked to him. He hugged Ty and said he will never forget our family and Thank you. As we drove away  I was in tears. I said to Ty if that isn't the reason why we are adopting then I don't know why we are. We are taking a "Mark" into our home trying to give a life a chance so this baby won't have to grow up with that same kind of pain because someone didn't care. God used Mark to show us why we are adopting.

                                                                                                                 Much Love Michelle

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