Friday, May 20, 2011

Fancy Lunch!

 Well today my girls informed me that they were fancy today and ready for a fancy lunch. So I said alright go get your most fancy dress and come back for lunch. While they were getting ready with there little sister Lola who is 2 mind you she does everything they do. I was making a fancy lunch i made chicken salad, now let's be real when I say that canned chicken from Costco with some mayo. I put it on wheat thins and made mini sandwiches. I put strawberry lemonade in cocktail glasses now don't judge they thought the cocktail glasses were fancy. I put a lemon wedge on the glass cut up strawberries for a side. I had them come and sit and there faces were so worth it. Every little fight argument of the day was out the window they were so excited Mommy was playing along and they were sitting at a fancy lunch. My middle one Averee proceeded to tell me Fancy people listen to there Mommy and Daddy's. Hm, I think I needed to record that. So for a lunch that definitely took a lot longer than making a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich was worth the price of them always remembering there fancy lunch. Now I never take the time like I should to always play what they want to but it is so worth it when you do.

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