Thursday, July 3, 2014


If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you saw a post of what I feel like sometimes.
Yesterday was a day that defeat definitely won. I know what your thinking you have 6 kids everyday would be like that. Believe it or not 6 kids can go smoothly some days. 6 against 1 can be crazy. You get many feelings, different personalities. Someone has a little rough go then it throws everyone off. Yesterday made me realize I'm not the only one out there who feels like this. Yet you would of never known if I wasn't honest. Because we all can do a great job of making everything look Pretty. Pictures we post or statuses we write. You don't ever want to post a video of you screaming at your kids or saying no to them when they want to play. We post the smiles they just did for the camera but you repeatedly had to ask them or even take a million to get that smile. You never would want to post "Just flicked so n so in the mouth and then told him how horrible he or she is" we would never do that because then they would think I'm the worst.

But why is it so hard to be transparent and honest? Why must we front everything?
Don't get me wrong I know we are blessed and we have some really good days but lets remember that when the bad ones happen its part of our story too.  If we truly just cared of what God thinks of us, we could be more honest with people and ourselves. 
Because his opinion is what matters most right? Today's day is run by social media and that's how we think we know someone? We think we know them so much to even talk about them. Yet you have no idea what they are going though behind that screen. These past 4 years of our life changing have brought me to be so honest of our journey and our lives. I think God has allowed things to happen in our lives so we could be real with ourselves and have almost a reality check and boy have we had a lot. 
But if we don't have those rough patches how are we ever going to grow?
I want to be a encouragement to Moms out there, adoptive or not. We need to rally each other rather than pick each other apart. Most days I go to bed and think 'Wow today I failed many times", then I am so thankful that tomorrow is a new day. I know I'm a Hot Mess but a Beautiful Mess HE is making of me. God brought all this kids into my life. HE chose me to be their Mom and equips me daily even when I fail and am very hard on myself. If Mothering isn't about being honest, what are we teaching our kids? That life looks perfect always? I have to ask for forgiveness many times from my kids.
Your story will also help someone else out who is afraid to say so. Yet your honesty could be the
extra they need. Knowing I'm not alone is such a good feeling as a Mom. I have a Mom who I call a lot she is also a Mentor.
 I know I could call her and just vent and she right away will say "Girl that happens and its OK" and then sometimes she's honest and tells me that isn't going away.
We need those people in our lives the ones we are honest with and who are honest with us. 
Being MOM is one of Gods greatest Blessings but to remember without the really rough times how can you get to those really GOOD ones. You matter as MOM and don't let those bad days
let you feel different. He has prepared you already for your Life as Mom. I was reminded this yesterday. Heck I need to remember this always it is tattooed on my arm.
Much Love to all you Mamas....
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For we are God's handiwork, created in christ Jesus to do good works,
 which he prepared us in advanced to do.
Ephesians 2:10

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